Monday, July 18, 2011

Tribunal orders wedding planner to pay RM10,000 to couple

A COUPLE's dream to have a grand wedding feast at the Dewan Tabung Haji in Johor Baru turned into a nightmare when the catering company failed to cater food for 1,500 guests despite the fact that a RM6,000 deposit had been made.

Mohd Amirul Abdul Malik, 26, and his wife, Nurul Huda Abdul Aziz, 27, was forced to pay an additional RM4,000 to order extra food from a nearby restaurant after the food prepared by the caterer was only enough for 250 guests.

Dissatisfied with the service of Southern Kitchen Sdn Bhd in Taman Desa Rahmat, the couple decided to claim for compensation at the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

Amirul stated in his claims that he had paid RM6,000 to Mohd Hafis, as part payment of the RM12,575 bill for the preparation of food for 1,500 guests, the service of 10 workers and the rent of utensils on May 1.

"On the wedding day, Mohd Hafis only provided food for 250 guests which came in two containers of nasi briyani, a serving of chicken, dalca and beef while items such as tissues, tables and beverages were not provided.

"The feast started at 11am but the food was finished within 30 minutes.As a result of that, we had to fork out an additional RM4,000 to buy items such as bottled mineral water, tissues and additional food.

"It was only in the evening that the catering company confessed that the food they delivered was not enough for our guests and they even gave excuses such as traffic congestion," Amirul told the tribunal recently.

He said the catering company signed an agreement before a Commissioner of Oaths agreeing to refund the deposit as well as compensate him RM10,000 in instalments over a period of five months.

However, the catering company failed to honour the agreement.

"A check with the Companies Commission of Malaysia revealed that Mohd Hafis did not register Southern Kitchen Sdn Bhd and only used his residential address as a company.

"We went to the address and found only his wife and mother at home, while Mohd Hafis had run away," he said.

Tribunal president Quaik Chong Yu ordered Mohd Hafis to pay RM10,000 to the couple in five instalments beginning July 25. - NST

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