Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woman stitches lips to 'stop nagging'

A 57-year-old woman stitched her lips after arguing with her daughter-in-law at their home in Taiwan.
The quinquagenarian, surnamed Lin, was said to be unhappy with her daughter-in-law, who had always complained of her nagging.

One morning last week, a heated argument broke out between the two and her Vietnamese daughter-in-law, surnamed Chen, called the police for help.
She told police that Lin was suffering from a mental disorder and had to seek treatment but Lin refused to go for treatment.
Police, who could not do anything as Lin had locked herself up in a room, left the house in Taoyuan but returned two hours later following a distress call from Chen.
They found Chen bleeding from her head and were told that Lin had attacked her with an iron rod before leaving the house.
Later that afternoon, Lin was found wandering at a nearby park, and her lips were stitched.
She was sent to the hospital to have the stitches removed.
Lin told police that she had stiched her lips by herself because Chen had always complained about her nagging, so she decided to 'shut up'.
Doctors, however, did not believe it was done by her as the stitches were too neat.

Police are investigating the incident.
Source: China Times

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