Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Woman falls to her death two weeks after abortion

A WOMAN, said to have undergone an abortion two weeks ago, fell to her death from a building in Serdang, Selangor, reported China Press.
It was learnt that before the incident at 3am on Sunday, Choo Sin Yee, 23, who recently broke up with her boyfriend before realising that she was pregnant, had told him that she was expecting.
However, the boyfriend had told her that although he wanted the baby, he did not want to be with her.
Choo's brother, Jia Wei, 16, was quoted as saying that his sister became pregnant two months ago.
He said his sister's boyfriend only wanted the child and refused to marry her.
“My sister was angry and had an abortion. However, she never thought of taking her own life,” he said, adding that his sister had gone out for a drink with her friends before falling to her death.
He said Choo, who was the eldest in the family, had even quarrelled with their younger sister upon coming home.
“All of us were at home when the incident took place. We only realised what happened upon hearing a loud thud,” he said.
Choo died after falling from the ninth storey of her apartment block.
>Sin Chew Daily reported that a 19-year-old woman gave birth to a baby girl in an express bus during an overnight trip from Miri to Sri Aman in Sarawak.
Although her husband and mother were with her when she delivered, nobody told the bus driver to pull over or send her to a hospital.
The driver was only told some four hours later when they arrived at their destination at 6.40am on Monday after a nurse came on board to cut the umbilical cord.
The family had boarded the bus at 8.30pm on Sunday in Miri.
According to the daily, although the woman's mother had asked her to go to the hospital after she complained of stomach pains, she refused.
Both the mother and newborn are healthy and are at a hospital. - theStarOnline

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