Friday, September 23, 2011

Ex-nurse nabbed for selling 'child ghosts'

Thailand police have arrested a former nurse whom they believed was involved in selling foetuses, which can be turned into Luk Krok (child ghosts).
The scam was exposed after a hunter accidentally found 14 bottles of preserved foetuses in an abandoned house in Ubon Ratchathani, a north-eastern province of the country.
Follow-up investigations led police to arrest ex-nurse Ura Sutthiwong.
Sutthiwong was said to have obtained the foetuses from performing illegal abortions for the women.
She would them preserved the foetuses in a bottle each and kept them in an abandoned house while looking for prospective buyers.
It is commonly believed that the soul of Luk Krok can be "called out" from a foetuse after performing some chanting and ceremony.
According to Thai superstition, Luk Krok can bring wealth to its owner especially in winning lotteries.
Source: Bangkok Post, Thailand (Published June 24 2010)

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