Friday, September 23, 2011

'Ghost' watches shooting of drama

Taiwanese idol drama Love Recipe began airing in Taiwan on Sept 4 and a set of photographs was released by the production team to promote the drama.
Strangely, one of the pictures show lead actor Kenji Wu leaning against a van with a face resembling that of a woman appearing near his right armpit.
The crew insisted that the van was empty at the time of the photograph was taken.

Taiwan's Next Magazine, meanwhilereported that Kenji had fallen sick after shooting the scene with him kissing actress Ivlyn Li in the van.
The actor-singer was on a three-day medical leave, it reported.

Kenji later said he felt  "someone" patting him on the back when he was in the vehicle.
"When I turned around, there was no one," he said, adding he also heard a voice saying 'No' next to him.
"After that, I felt dizzy and very cold," he said.
Kenji's manager said the incident could be a good sign that the drama was so interesting that even the spirits wanted to watch it.
The manager added he would bring the star to perform some prayers "to call back his frighten soul".
Source: Next Magazine


  1. zieyzain: hmmm....seram juga lah kalau terkena kat kita kan.....minta dijauhkan...xnak experience benda camni.


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