Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gutsy 59-year-old captures burglar and dies after all the excitement

SRI AMAN: It was a heroic act but sadly the hero never got to savour the moment, let alone talk about it with pride.
The excitement of having accomplished something out of the ordinary was probably too much for Awang Ahmad Awang Apek, 59, who died shortly after he over- powered and tied up a burglar in his house here.
It is learnt that the burglar had broken into Ahmad’s house at Kampung Hilir at about 1am yesterday, entering his bedroom while he was asleep.
According to a source, Ahmad, who was awoken by the burglar, clearly not one to just give in, put up a fight and managed to subdue the crook.
He even had the time to find himself a rope with which he tied up the criminal and then called the police.
However, when the police arrived, they found Ahmad lying motionless on the ground while the burglar was still struggling to free himself.
An ambulance was called to the scene and Ahmad was taken to the Sri Aman Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
No official words were received on the cause of Ahmad’s demise but it is believed that he had suffered a heart attack.
The suspect is now in police custody.
Meanwhile, in Kuching three house burglaries were reported on Monday with the biggest loss suffered by a 28-year-old businessman at Jalan Lapangan Terbang.
The businessman was relieved of RM70,000 worth of items, including a Rolex watch and some jewellery pieces.
Earlier, he found his house broken into at 6.30pm when he returned from work. The side door was forced open and his house was in a mess.
At Hui Sing Garden, a 47-year-old manager of a shipping company returned home at 6.30pm after a family outing to find their house burgled.
Stolen were a PSP player, a golf set, a mobile phone, two laptops, a digital video camera, a digital camera and an MP3 player.
At BDC, an 18-year-old student reported losing a laptop that she left at her rented house while she went out.
She said when she returned around 5pm she found the house had been broken into. - theStarOnline

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