Monday, September 12, 2011

Nurul Atikah's mum suffers miscarriage

TAIPING: Even before a 45-year-old mother could overcome her grief following the death of her cancer-stricken daughter two days ago, another tragedy struck the family when she suffered a miscarriage yesterday.

Che Tom Osman, 45, who was three months pregnant, lost her baby when she slipped and fell in the bathroom of her house in Taman Mewah, Kamunting, near here, at 6am.

"My tears have yet to dry... we have to suffer another tragedy. However, the incident is fated and we accept it with an open heart," she said when contacted at her home.

Her daughter, Nurul Atikah Bazilah Samsudin, 14, made headlines recently when she spoke to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on the phone after arrangements were made by the Children's Wish Society of Malaysia and Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Nurul Atikah was first diagnosed with bone cancer in 2009 and had undergone 12 surgeries and 18 chemotherapy sessions at University Malaya Medical Centre.

On Wednesday, her mother had her services as an assistant supervisor terminated for taking unpaid leave on numerous occasions since 2009 to look after her.

Che Tom has another daughter and a son. Nurul Atikah was the youngest among them.

"Today (Sunday) is the saddest day of my life as I have lost two loved ones... maybe the baby wanted to follow the sister.

"My husband, Samsudin Hasbullah, 48, is taking it badly as we were looking forward to another addition to the family after the birth of Nurul Atikah 14 years ago."

According to Che Tom, she had not planned the pregnancy but had been happy she was able to conceive at her age.

"Nurul Atikah had been told of my pregnancy and was happy, but had felt sad that she would not be able to play with the new member of the family.

"I was felling dizzy as I was walking towards the bathroom... maybe because of the pressure following the death of Nurul Atikah and the termination by my employer."

She thanked the media, especially the NSTP group -- New Straits Times, Berita Harian and Harian Metro -- which had publicised Nurul Atikah's condition. - NST

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  1. Ujian dr Allah swt itu amat berat bagi yg menanggungnya, tapi percayalah ada hikmah disebalik semuanya itu.....kuatkn semangat & tabah hadapi semuanya, akak amat bersimpati atas nasib puan sekeluarga.


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