Monday, October 31, 2011

Jilted man beats up couple

A couple, who walked out of a supermarket happily, was beaten up by a jilted man in town of Chongqing, China.
It happened too fast that 20-year-old Xiao Wu could not fight the assailant.

Holding his girlfriend's hand, Xiao Wu was walking home around 9pm when the incident occurred last week.
A man, believed to be drunk, suddenly blocked their way and rushed towards the couple.
Then, the man started to kick and beat up Xiao Wu.
Police from a nearby traffic beat base rushed to arrest the 25-year-old man whose surname is Ren.
"My girlfriend of eight years dumped me. I hate seeing the couple behaving so lovingly and holding hands," said Ren.
The businessman also told police that he was under the influence of alcohol and regretted for his act.
He was brought back to the police station for further action.
Source: Agencies

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