Friday, October 21, 2011

Kidnapped for being generous

KUALA LUMPUR: His generosity in donating to charitable causes and schools in his neighbourhood made a businessman in Batu Caves an obvious target for kidnappers.

An insurance agency owner felt that was the reason why kidnappers had targeted him on Tuesday morning when he went out for his daily jog.

Two days after he was released unharmed, the 52-year-old victim told the New Straits Times yesterday that the kidnappers had told him point blank: "You seem to have a lot of money, while we are poor. What's the harm in giving us a bit of your money?"

The victim was abducted by three men outside his house in Taman Medan, Batu Caves. He was held in a car for three hours before he was taken to a flat in Prima Magna, Kepong.

He was released later that night, some 12 hours after he was grabbed, without the kidnappers collecting the ransom.

"I don't know why they released me without taking the ransom. 

"They must have realised that police were hot on their trail and got cold feet. 

"I am still shaken by the incident but I try not to think about it so much by keeping myself busy with work.

"I do a lot of religious and community work to help the less fortunate. They must have noticed this and thought I was a rich man."

He thanked his neighbours who acted quickly when they witnessed him being forced into a car.

"They informed the police first before alerting my family as they didn't want to waste time.

"The police were also quick to act on the report." 

Selangor CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Mohd Adnan Abdullah said six suspects, between the ages of 14 and 39, were arrested in Taman Kepong and Taman Metro Kepong on the same night. They have been remanded for a week to facilitate investigations.

One of those detained was a Form Two student.

"One of them has a previous conviction for assault," Adnan said.

He added that police also seized seven mobile phones, two Proton Wira Aeroback and a Honda Accord from the suspects.

"We are looking for several others," he said.

The kidnappers had contacted the victim's wife and demanded a ransom of RM350,000 for his release. Several hours later, they ordered the wife to take the money to a drop off point, but she was instead sent to several locations until the calls stopped. - NST

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