Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meet Mr and Mrs Gigi Leung

So long loneliness. Newlywed Gigi Leung says she's not sad to leave her single life behind, and looks forward to spending her life with her Spanish husband Sergio.

"Sergio treats me kindly," the Hong Kong actress posts her wedding photos and thoughts on Weibo

"He's also nice to my family. They absolutely adore him. So do my friends. I've never thought I would meet and marry a man like him. I'm so happy I feel like I'm dreaming!"

Their fairytale Chinese-meet-Spanish wedding was held on Oct 3 in Ibiza, Spain. Only 80 close family members and friends, including Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung and Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu, were invited to the romantic beach wedding.

Interestingly, it was a strictly vegetarian affair out of respect for Gigi's vegan mum.

"Sergio says we must respect mum," says the blushing bride. 

"He also paid for everything, including my bridal gown. I only got him a watch 'coz according to the Spanish wedding custom, a bride must give her groom a watch.

"The dashing groom also paid his respect to his mum-in-law in a Chinese tea ceremony.

To all her concerned fans, Gigi assures she won't quit showbiz after marriage.

"Sergio is very supportive of me. He understands my passion for acting. I will strive to give my best to my career and marriage.

"May they live happily ever after!

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