Saturday, October 1, 2011

RM100,000 poorer over postings on Facebook

GEORGETOWN: A private automotive technology training centre yesterday won its defamation suit against the father of a former student over three comments he posted on the social networking website, Facebook. 

High Court judicial commissioner G.V. Varghese ruled in favour of Despark Auto (Penang) Sdn Bhd, which had filed the suit against Leong Yook Kong, 64.

Varghese awarded the plaintiff RM60,000 in general damages, RM15,000 in aggravated damages as well as RM25,000 in costs.

He also granted an injunction restraining Leong from further publishing or causing to be published any defamatory material or those similar to the postings in any form of media.

Leong had authored and posted the comments on three occasions in November and December last year, alleging the training centre was involved in criminal and inappropriate activities.

Varghese said Leong had testified that he became suspicious about the centre after his son, Wai Liang, and 18 others failed in the London-based City & Guilds diploma in vehicle maintenance and repair examination.

He subsequently posted the comments. Leong also testified that Wai Liang, 20, enrolled in the centre in March 2008 but his student portfolio was backdated to January that year.

The defendant had conceded that the postings were based on suspicions and found that the words used in the comments implied that there was fraud, criminal elements as well as dishonest and corrupt practice in the centre.

The centre sought general damages, aggravated and exemplary damages, costs and interest. - NST


  1. My goodness, what I have gathered after reading this.


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