Thursday, October 20, 2011

RM20mil stuck as Cambodia stops maid supply and problems loom in Manila

PETALING JAYA: About RM20mil has been paid and the maids were due to arrive. So, when Cambodia dropped a bombshell, banning its women from working as maids here, local agencies and employers were caught in a costly limbo.
A group of employment agencies also revealed that as much as RM100mil had been “jammed” when the Indonesian Government banned its citizens from working as maids in Malaysia in 2009.
Yesterday, the Philippine Embassy threw another spanner in the works, saying it prefers to send skilled and semi-skilled Filipino workers to Malaysia and not domestic workers.
Other developments:
>Due to the shortage of domestic workers, agencies are appealing to the Government to legalise the rotation of part-time maids;
>Malaysia will set up a one-stop centre to oversee all maid-related issues;
>Agencies are hoping the Prime Minister's visit to Jakarta will result in the Indonesian ban being lifted; and
>Agencies in Cambodia are appealing to their Government to allow domestic workers who have already been “booked” to be sent to Malaysia.
- theStarOnline

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