Monday, October 31, 2011

Sisters reunited after 40 years

PETALING JAYA: Deepavali this year was truly special for three sisters. They were reunited after being separated from each other for about 40 years.
Roslin Rajoo, 52, was separated from her two sisters Bablin and Rani when they were young.
Roslin moved to Kuala Lumpur while the two stayed on in Penang.
All lit up: (From left) Rani, Roslin and Bablin celebrating Deepavali together.
All three got married and became housewives.
They have a fourth sibling, Samuel, 46, who they believe is in Taiping.
Bablin, 50, and Rani, 48, had tried to locate Roslin over the years, but gave up after several years and they moved on with their lives.
However, Roslin kept looking for her two sisters by asking her friends about them.
She also visited the old school where the three went to when they were young and visited their former neighbours.
Her persistence paid off when she located them in Penang about two weeks before Deepavali.
“I never expected to see my sisters again on this special occasion. The Festival of Lights has literally lit up my life by reuniting me with my sisters,” she said in an interview yesterday.
Roslin said her husband Raymond Chandrasekar, 52, was very supportive of her quest.
Rani said the family were celebrating Deepavali together for the first time in four decades.
“I’m just so happy that my sisters are with me. Nothing makes me happier than to be with them,” she said.
Bablin said she felt blessed for having her two sisters back.
“I’m happy to know I have beautiful nieces and nephews,” she added.
Bablin’s husband Lim Chia Soh, 51, said he was happy that his wife’s dream had been realised.
Roslin said the sisters were planning a reunion this Christmas.
“We hope to have our brother Samuel join us,” she added. - theStarOnline

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