Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweet revenge for victim of online love scam

KUALA LUMPUR: Revenge was sweet for a woman who was cheated of her love and RM50,000 by her Internet “boyfriend” five years ago.
She managed to lure him and baited him through a series of Internet chats before finally helping police set a trap which led to his eventual arrest.
Sources revealed that the now 32-year-old self-employed woman had fallen in love with the man in 2006.
He described himself as an Indian national residing in Australia.
“The man claimed to be rich and wanted to visit her in Malaysia, to give her a large amount of money.
“However, the suspect then alleged that the Australian Customs had seized his cash because he had not declared the large sum of money.
“He begged his Malaysian girlfriend to help him pay off the Customs officials,” sources revealed.
The victim made four transactions to her “boyfriend” totalling RM50,000 before he mysteriously vanished.
Fast forward to August this year and the victim was surfing an Internet chat site when she “met” a man who tried to serenade her with the same pick-up lines and “story”.
But unknown to the suspect, he was chatting with his “ex-girlfriend”.
“She managed to convince the suspect that she loved him and asked him to meet her in Malaysia.
“When the suspect agreed, she notified the police and lodged a police report on Saturday to set up the ambush the next day,” sources revealed.
Upon arrival at the KLIA Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) on Sunday evening, the 39-year-old Indian national with Australian Permanent Residence (PR) was arrested.
City Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief Asst Comm Izany Abdul Ghany confirmed the arrest.
The man has been remanded. - theStarOnline

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