Saturday, October 8, 2011

Woman climbs wall to avoid buying ticket

A woman climbed up the Gate of China (Zhonghuamen), just to avoid paying for the entrance ticket.
Zhonghuamen is the southern gate of the 33.7km-long city wall of Nanjing – an ancient capital of China.
On Wednesday, a woman was seen climbing the 21.5-metre high wall to the gate without any gear, on the west side of the entrance.
A tourist, surnamed Wang, took a photo of the event.

Some tourists also tried to climb the wall, but gave up minutes later. Only one man managed to reach the top.
Once the woman had reached the top of the gate, she told tourists there that she had climbed the wall many times since she was a child.
It is learnt some people have resorted to climbing to avoid buying the ticket, which costs about 25 yuan (RM12).

Source: Yangtse Evening News

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