Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HK actor Andy Lau confirms Malaysian wife is pregnant

PETALING JAYA: Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau has confirmed that his Malaysian wife is pregnant in a posting on his official fan club website.
After receiving an award at the Golden Horse Film Festival on Saturday, Lau wrote on his fan club website that his family received “happiness” (a traditional Chinese metaphor for pregnancy).
“I understand my family and fans are concerned about this family matter and have been praying for me,” Lau wrote.
“Thank God for his blessing, for giving one joy after another to me. Now my family has ‘happiness’ and I want to share it with my family and fans. Bless us.”
According to previous Hong Kong media reports, Lau and his 46-year-old wife Carol Chu (pic) had been trying to have a baby for years. The pair had dated for 25 years before marrying three years ago.
Earlier reports said the couple supposedly went to France for artificial insemination but returned disappointed.
Last week, media reported that Chu, a devout Buddhist, was finally pregnant.
According to East Weekly, she was spotted praying at the temple of Bodhisattva with Lau.
Media reports also said that Chu did not attend the actor’s 50th birthday party two months ago as the couple was worried that the event could adversely affect the baby.
The reports said Chu was three months’ pregnant.
Lau was said to have secretly arranged for Taiwan’s Abbot Di Jiao and 20 nuns to make a three-day trip to Hong Kong to pray for a smooth delivery.
Lau, known on China’s mainland as Liu Dehua, is a widely acclaimed singer and actor.
He recently received the best actor award at Taiwan’s 48th Golden Horse Film Festival for his role in Ann Hui’s movie A Simple Life. - theStarOnline

Three killed in trawler blast

KOTA KINABALU: Three people were killed and four others injured after an explosion ripped through a fishing trawler and destroyed two other boats in Sabah's northern district of Kudat.
It is believed that the blast occurred after a faulty cooking gas cylinder exploded near the boat's diesel-loaded fuel tank, sparking off the bigger explosion and setting the boat ablaze.
The flames quickly spread to two fishing boats berthed next to the trawler at the Angkasa Baru jetty in Kudat town, which is about 215km from here, at about 9.40pm on Sunday.
Fiery end: Flames engulfing the fishing boats after the explosion at the Angkasa Baru jetty in Kudat town, Sabah. (Inset) Firefighters putting out the blaze in one of the vessels.
The remains of the three dead two women and a man whose identities have yet to be ascertained were found floating near the trawlers yesterday.
The four injured, including a woman, managed to save themselves by jumping into the sea. One of them was seriously injured but reported to be in stable condition.
Kudat police chief Deputy Supt Dawi Ossen said investigations were ongoing.
“Beat policemen were patrolling near the area when they heard a loud explosion.
“They rushed over and saw the flames engulfing the trawlers,” he said.
DSP Dawi said no foul play was involved in the incident, adding that firefighters managed to douse the flames and prevent the blaze from spreading to other nearby vessels.
He said the injured, aged between 21 and 50, suffered burns and fractures while the dead were all believed to be foreigners.
Meanwhile, the bodies of a woman and her son have been recovered after a homemade raft they were on capsized at a river in Kampung Lihak-Lihak in Semporna three days ago.
Hajarah Kadin, 44, and Mohamad Nawi Norhati, 14, were on board the engine-powered raft which was carrying a lorry and a car when it tipped over in the strong current.
Semporna police chief Deputy Supt Mohd Azim Khan Abdullah said the raft was a normal mode of transportation for villagers to cross the 50m-wide river.
Hajarah and her son were sitting in the lorry with the woman's brother Rusmi while four others were in the car when the accident happened.
The rest managed to swim to safety after the raft overturned.
Hajarah and her son could not get out of the lorry in time. - theStarOnline

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pregnant actress spotted in Bali

WHEN this actress was divorced by her rich husband, she told the press how terrible her ex-husband had been because he had refused to give her a single sen. 

Now this single mum has another problem, one that will become bigger in the months to come. You guessed it, she is pregnant.

Her boyfriend of several years has, however, refused to be responsible for the baby as he knows that she had been intimate with someone else to secure a TV role!

Now this actress, with  several children from her former marriage, is in Bali and will be there for several more months, until the baby is born. - NST

Malacca monorail stalls after rain, 18 HK tourists stranded

MALACCA: The problematic Malacca river tourist monorail has been stopped in its tracks again days after it resumed service.
The monorail had just moved from its Taman Rempah station for 300m before it stopped at 3.45pm yesterday, leaving 18 tourists from Hong Kong, their tour leader and guide stranded.
A sudden downpour earlier had affected the tracks, causing the monorail to stall.
It was eventually driven back to its station in Taman Rempah.
“A check with the counter found that the rain earlier had caused the tracks to be slippery and we could not complete the ride,” said the tour guide who only wanted to be known as Low.
Low said the tour members were disappointed although their fares of RM10 per person were refunded.
The monorail service, which was suspended after a breakdown on Sept 30, was given the go-ahead by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) to resume operations starting Thursday.
Describing the monorail as a new and attractive tourism product, Low said the authorities should do their best to ensure the smooth-running of the coach service.
SPAD chief operation officer Azhar Ahmad said the monorail could run smoothly, but on rainy days it required thermal paint to be applied.
“The wet condition reduces traction of the tracks and tyre. Therefore, we do not recommend the monorail to be operated during rainy days,'' he said.
A team of engineers, he added, would be sent to inspect the monorail today.
The RM15.9mil line had experienced 21 service disruptions since starting operations on Oct 20 last year until the suspension on Sept 30. The company suffered losses of more than RM74,180.
The line spans 1.6km from Taman Rempah in Pengkalan Rama to Kampung Bunga Raya Pantai. - theStarOnline

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Teen electrocuted in freak accident in Bali

Talk about a holiday gone wrong...

Jake Flannery, an Australian teen holidaying in Bali, died instantly after touching a a live wire and a neon sign.

Friends who were travelling with Jake, tried to revive him but were unsuccessful. 

Flannery's saddened friends plan to cut short their Bali break and head straight back to Australia.

"We’re holding up as best we can," said one.

"He was just a fantastic guy. He was really good academically, in creative arts and at sport as well _ he was a very good hockey player."

Flannery's mother said, "I've been so stressed out about him going out there. But I really wasn't stressed about this (happening). This wasn't what I was worried about. You don't think about something as simple as leaning on a pole. You can't imagine it happening in Australia like that.

Source: Agencies

Woman dies as hubby's ashes stolen

A woman treasured her husband's ashes, carrying it around for 17 years, only to have it stolen and collapse on the streets and eventually die.

Nellie Geraghty, 79, was rushed to hospital on after being found unconscious in an alleyway in northwest England.

She was still clutching the strap of her handbag.

"She was taken to Royal Oldham Hospital with serious head injuries but she sadly died," Greater Manchester Police said in a statement.

They added that two boys aged 14 and 17 had been arrested on suspicion of robbery and were in custody.

Superintendent Catherine Hankinson said Geraghty might have been attacked because she refused to let go of her handbag, adding: "She has carried the ashes around with her for the last 17 years."

"I imagine even hardened criminals will be shocked by this so, please, if you have heard anything about this then tell us," she said.

Source & Images: AFP

Muslims usher in Maal Hijrah 1433 new year


KUALA LUMPUR: Muslims in the country Sunday ushered in the Islamic new year of Maal Hijrah 1433 on a moderate scale with talks in mosques and gatherings.

The Hijrah, which is the emigration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina, marks the start of the new year in the Islamic calendar.
Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin launched the national-level Maal Hijrah celebration at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.
The national-level celebration carries the theme of "Persefahaman Asas Perpaduan Ummah" (Understanding the Basis for Unity of the Community) with the aim of strengthening ties within the multiracial society of Malaysia.
Several Muslim couples took advantage of the significance of Maal Hijrah to get married Sunday. - Bernama

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Local film wins award at Taipei’s film fest

KUALA LUMPUR: Local action-drama Bunohan has already garnered international acclaim and its first award even before its slated local release on March 8.

The film, directed by Dain Said, won the Netpac (Network For The Promotion Of Asian Cinema) award on Thursday night at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival in Taiwan.
Dain Said
It had two screenings, on Nov 12 and Nov 22, in the “Going South” category.
Another Malaysian film, Nasi Lemak 2.0, was also nominated in the same category.
The Netpac award is given to promote Asian cinema by highlighting notable films and discovering new talents.
Dain, who is in Jakarta now to work on a documentary, said: “Although we did not expect to win anything, it was a wonderful surprise and a great experience, especially because I was aware that (legendary Taiwanese filmmaker and festival director) Hou Hsiao-hsien was there that night.”
The Netpac certificate said the award was given to Bunohan for its “most creative and unique way of using cinematic language and addressing many issues of contemporary Asia”.
Bunohan tells the violent story of three estranged brothers and their ailing father amidst a backdrop of muay thai, murder and magic realism.
The film had been screened at the 36th Toronto International Film Festival in September to rave reviews. - theStarOnline

Kareena Kapoor tops sexiest Asian woman list

LONDON: Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has emerged as the sexiest Asian woman in the world, Press Trust of India (PTI) reported Friday, citing a survey.
Eastern Eye, a weekly, conducted a survey through social networking sites like Twitter and Kareena came out on top, edging out last year's winner Katrina Kaif.
Kareena, who recently had hits like Bodyguard and Ra.One, won by 1% of votes, the narrowest ever margin and beat off tough competition from some of the most stunning women from around the world.
Katrina, who had won the title for the last three years by a large margin, slipped into second place.
Eastern Eye showbiz editor Asjad Nazir said: "This battle between the two beauties is a sign of things to come in Bollywood in the next few years.
"Although the list contained pop stars, TV personalities, models and film stars from around the world, the voting quite comprehensively showed that Kareena and Katrina have put a distance between themselves and the rest of the contenders in terms of popularity."
Hrithik Roshan's wife Sussanne received a massive number of votes and was one of the highest new entries at number 16.
Other notable stars in the list included Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Frieda Pinto, Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nargis Fakhri, Sonakshi Sinha, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Lara Dutta and Malaika Arora Khan. - Bernama

Friday, November 25, 2011

Benny Chan apologises for molesting Rose Chan

Benny Chan, who is bombarded with criticism following reports that he and Joe Ma molested Rose Chan in China earlier on, finally steps forward and apologises to his 19-year-old victim.
With his heavily pregnant wife Jiang Lisha by his side, Benny, dressed in a suit, bowed and apologised to Rose, her family and her friends for three times throughout the press conference held in Hong Kong this afternoon.
"Regarding the unhappy incident involving Rose Chan, I sincerely apologise. I'm sorry!" said the 42-year-old, admitting that he went completely over the line after having a few drinks.
He continued: "I unwittingly did something improper to Rose and ended up hurting her. I hereby solemnly apologise to her and her family and friends."
He expressed his regret for letting down his family, friends, fans and most of all, his wife, who's been supportive towards him since the day the incident was reported and sent shockwaves across the showbiz.
It was at this moment he broke down in tears and admitted: "I have made a mistake!" Jiang, who was by her side, comforted him by patting on his shoulders and wiping off his tears, but ended up crying, too.
Benny Chan (right) broke down in tears when apologising to Rose Chan at the press conference. At his right is his heavily pregnant wife Jiang Lisha. (image source:
Benny Chan (right) broke down in tears when apologising to Rose Chan at the press conference. At his right is his heavily pregnant wife Jiang Lisha. (image source:
Speaking through sobs, Benny said that he was thankful to get the support of his wife and promised to quit drinking and focus on being a responsible husband and father.
He bowed and apologised to Rose for one last time and asked for her forgiveness. He also extended his apology to her mother and her manager Sin Kwok Lam.
Jiang, who is due to deliver in Dec, also pleaded with the public to forgive her husband, adding that Benny has realised his mistake.
"(We) hope that Rose can forgive Benny," she said.
It appeared that the incident has taken an emotional toll on Benny, as he was reportedly still sobbing when he and Jiang left the venue. Click here to watch the video of Benny's apology.
Meanwhile, Ma, 43, released a statement claiming that he had not and did not attempt to sexually harrass Rose when they were in Hengdian World Studios. He added that he felt bad for what has happened to Rose nonethess and will consult with his lawyer on suing the magazine that carried the reports for defamation.
Published Nov 24 2011

Over 1,000 villagers left homeless in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU: A pre-dawn fire destroyed 130 houses and left more than 1,000 residents with only the clothes on their backs at a waterfront village in Kg Tanjung Aru Baru here yesterday.
Villagers were rudely awakened by screams of fire, prompting residents to run out of their homes. Some had even jumped into the sea to escape the flames. The fire is believed to have started shortly after 2am.
Walter Jack was watching television when he heard people shouting outside his house.
“When I looked out it was bright with yellow and orange flames like the sun. I woke my mother up and we came out,” he said, adding that the fire spread rapidly to other houses.
Another resident, who identified himself as Ashrul, said he only had time to get his toddler daughter and wife to safety.
Kota Kinabalu police chief Asst Comm Ahmad Sofi Zakaria said initial investigations found that the fire could have been sparked by a short-circuit in one of the houses.
He said a woman was hurt after jumping off a bridge to escape the blaze.
Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK) chairman Matsah Sahat said there were houses with illegal power extensions in the village, adding that the villagers were locals and migrant workers.
A Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said five engines were rushed to the area following the distress call at 2.25am.
State Local Government and Housing Assis­tant Minister Datuk Edward Yong Oui Fah, who is also the assemblyman for Tanjung Aru, said arrangements had been made to send relief assistance to the victims. - mStarOnline

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Car crashes into row of houses

The abandoned car just after the incident early yesterday. - Pic by Ramdzan Masiam
GEORGE TOWN: FIVE people, including a 4-month-old baby, cheated death when the driver of a car lost control and rammed his car  into a row of five pre-war double-storey houses in Jalan Kedah here yesterday morning.

The driver had earlier collided head-on with another vehicle as he was turning into  Jalan Kedah.

The crash caused the car  to spin out of control before it knocked several lamp posts and crashed into the front portion of the houses.

Of the five premises, three were residential, while two were business outlets.

An Indonesian worker, Heni, 28, who was sleeping upstairs in one of the houses, sustained light injuries on her ankle when the wooden floor collapsed during the 3am incident.

"There was a loud crash and then I found myself buried underneath a pile of rubble on the ground.

"I managed to free myself with the help of my room mate," Heni said when met at the scene.

The other four residents, including the baby, who were asleep at the back portion of the houses, also escaped unscathed.

Lee Wei Heen, 58, said he heard a loud thud and saw that the front facade had collapsed.

"I alerted my wife to carry my four-month old grandson to safety.    We left shortly afterwards, fearing the building will fall due to the impact from the collision."

He said the driver of the car fled the scene.

Northeast district deputy police chief Superintendent Ahmad Bakhtiar Kassim said the driver surrendered to the police later.

He said the driver, in his 30s, tested negative for alcohol and drugs.Ahmad said  the driver of the other car was unhurt. - NST

Floods worsen in Kelantan, more evacuated


KOTA BARU: The flood situation in Kelantan has worsened overnight, with 785 people moved to relief centres as at 8am Thursday compared to 416 on Wednesday night.

A spokesman of the state flood operations room said Kuala Krai was the sixth district to be affected, and 35 people there have been evacuated to two relief centres.

In Kota Baru, 306 people have been moved to three relief centres. Other areas with evacuees are Machang district with 101 evacuees at three relief centres, Pasir Mas (197 evacuees at five centres), Pasir Puteh (21 people at one centre) and Tanah Merah (125 evacuees at four centres).

The spokesman said that as at 8am, the level of the Golok River in Rantau Panjang was 9.99m (danger point is 9m) while the level of the Kelantan River at the Guillemard bridge in Tanah Merah was 16.12m (danger point 16m)and the water level was rising.

All roads in the state remain passable, and the sky is overcast. Three people have drowned in the floods in Kelantan so far, two brothers aged 14 and 16 in Bachok and a two-year-old boy in Pasir Mas. A teenage girl is missing in Pasir Mas. - BERNAMA

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rose Chan lodges police report against actors

Rose Chan has lodged a police report against actors Joe Ma and Benny Chan for outraging her modesty.
The actors, especially Benny, had hugged, molested and kissed Rose when they were having supper at a restaurant in China on Saturday.
The 19-year-old actress went to the police station in Hong Kong, under high security with several bodyguards shielding her from the 100-over media personnel.
Earlier, Rose - accompanied by her agent and a lawyer - held a press conference to relate the nightmarish incident.
"Thank you for all your concern. I'm very sad after the incident occurred, even my family, sifu (Master Sin Kwok Lam) and management agency were unhappy," she said.
Rose also said that she was very close with her co-star Sammo Hung and his son Timmy.
"I trusted Timmy very much, I went with the group because he was also there. Everything was alright until Timmy got drunk and passed out.
"The seniors, who had always treated me like their little sister, seemed to suddenly change to different personalities.

"I was so scared, I did not know how to react…," the Wing Chun kungfu practitioner paused while trying hard to hold back her tears.

Rose continued: "Sifu had warned me to be careful but I was not alert enough, so sorry!"
Her agent also said that they would take action accordingly to make sure the culprits that had shamed her would to get their just punishments.
The press conference ended about 10 minutes later, with Rose proceeding to the police station.
Source: Oriental Daily

1% levy for electricity users from next month

PUTRAJAYA: About one out of four Tenaga Nasional Berhad's (TNB) customers in peninsular Malaysia will have to pay a levy of 1% out of their total electricity bills starting Dec 1.
This follows the launch of the Government's Feed-in Tariff (FiT) system for the development of renewable energy next month.
Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin said electricity consumers, would contribute 1% of their total electricity bills to the Renewable Energy fund if they used more than 300kWh of electricity per month. The move will affect domestic users who run up bills of more than RM77.
This contribution is on top of the consumers' monthly electricity bills.
“However, 75% of TNB's customers who use less than 300kWh per month will be exempted,” said Chin after launching the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia office here.
The FiT system is a funding mechanism under the Renewable Energy Act, designed to encourage the development of renewable energy via cost-sharing among electricity consumers.
Under the FiT system, electricity distribution licensees like TNB are obliged to buy electricity produced from certain renewable energy producers. - theStarOnline

Boy drowns in theme park

MELAKA: A six-year-old boy was found drowned in a swimming pool in a water theme park here today.

Muhammad Faisal Mohd Yazid was found listless by a lifeguard in the swimming pool at about 2.30pm while his father, Mohd Yazid Bohari, 36, and family members were frantically looking for him.

Mohd Yazid said his son was brought to the emergency room of the theme park to be resuscitated before being taken to the Melaka hospital where he was pronounced dead at about 3pm.

"I left my son at the children play area while I went to a nearby stall to rent a float.

"When I went back to the children play area, my son was no longer there.

"My family and I then sought help from other holidaymakers and theme park employees to look for Faisal," he said when met at the hospital's mortuary here. - Bernama

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