Friday, November 11, 2011

Chef Riz 'sorry' for overstating CV

Chef Riz
Astro has accepted Mohd Nadzri Redzuawan’s explanation
KUALA LUMPUR: Chef Riz or Mohd Nadzri Redzuawan has apologised for overstating his qualifications as a judge of MasterChef Malaysia, aired over Astro Ria. A spokesman for Astro said they had accepted the explanation in good faith. 

"Chef Riz has sincerely apologised to all viewers of the show," said the source when contacted. The source also said they had no knowledge of the issue until the news broke out yesterday.

"All details on the profile page of MasterChef Malaysia's website were given by Chef Riz himself," she said, adding that Astro should not be dragged into the matter.

Meanwhile, an official statement  by Astro said   Chef Riz, the son of local celebrity chef Redzuawan Ismail, or better known as Chef Wan, was chosen as one of the judges for the reality show based on his experience as a restaurateur, TV host and his personality.

Both Chef Riz and Chef Wan could not be reached for comment.

Online portals reported that Chef Riz  had claimed that he had worked as the  chef de cuisine (also called head chef) at  Mario Batali's flagship Italian restaurant, Babbo, in New York and that he was the  sous-chef (the second in command chef) at chef Eric Ripert's  Le Bernadin  also in New York. 

Battali is an award winning American chef and restaurateur. Ripert is famous for his show on the Asian Food Channel, Avec Ripert. According to the report, both restaurants had refuted Chef Riz's claims of having worked with them.

MasterChef Malaysia is a cooking show under the MasterChef franchise that is also present in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Greece, India, Sweden, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

Chef Riz is the youngest of five judges on the cooking show which began its run its run on Oct 22. Shooting for the series is scheduled to continue until the year-end.

A check earlier on the 29-year-old's Facebook profile stated that he had held both senior positions when he was in New York.

A check on the the MasterChef Malaysia profile page yesterday showed it had been changed. It now states that Chef Riz was only a trainee under the chef de cuisine at  Babbo and that he trained under the sous chef at Le Bernardin. - NST

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