Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HK actor Andy Lau confirms Malaysian wife is pregnant

PETALING JAYA: Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau has confirmed that his Malaysian wife is pregnant in a posting on his official fan club website.
After receiving an award at the Golden Horse Film Festival on Saturday, Lau wrote on his fan club website that his family received “happiness” (a traditional Chinese metaphor for pregnancy).
“I understand my family and fans are concerned about this family matter and have been praying for me,” Lau wrote.
“Thank God for his blessing, for giving one joy after another to me. Now my family has ‘happiness’ and I want to share it with my family and fans. Bless us.”
According to previous Hong Kong media reports, Lau and his 46-year-old wife Carol Chu (pic) had been trying to have a baby for years. The pair had dated for 25 years before marrying three years ago.
Earlier reports said the couple supposedly went to France for artificial insemination but returned disappointed.
Last week, media reported that Chu, a devout Buddhist, was finally pregnant.
According to East Weekly, she was spotted praying at the temple of Bodhisattva with Lau.
Media reports also said that Chu did not attend the actor’s 50th birthday party two months ago as the couple was worried that the event could adversely affect the baby.
The reports said Chu was three months’ pregnant.
Lau was said to have secretly arranged for Taiwan’s Abbot Di Jiao and 20 nuns to make a three-day trip to Hong Kong to pray for a smooth delivery.
Lau, known on China’s mainland as Liu Dehua, is a widely acclaimed singer and actor.
He recently received the best actor award at Taiwan’s 48th Golden Horse Film Festival for his role in Ann Hui’s movie A Simple Life. - theStarOnline

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