Friday, November 11, 2011

Kelantan prince sues Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR: "I want justice and the truth". These were the words of Kelantan prince Tengku Muhammad Fakhry when he stood at the lobby of the court complex here today to file a RM50 million defamation suit against the Malay Mail and three others over a report related to the attempted murder of a Kelantan palace guard last year.

Kelantan prince
In the statement of claim filed in the morning by lawyer Devinder Kaur Dhaliwal, it stated that based on an article published by Malay Mail online on May 5 last year, the Malay Mail had caused to broadcast, edit and published a report which had violated Tengku Fakhry's good name and reputation, and had directly affected his position and career with all the accusations and allegation.

The contents of the article was written in English which in its natural and ordinary meaning carries an innuendo that the plaintif is a person who has no principles, is untrustworthy, a person with criminal tendencies and a person who has no intergrity.

The other defendants named in the suit are printer The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd, a Malay Mail editor and a journalist.

The Malay Mail had allegedly reported that "police believed the attempted murder on a Kelantan palace guard last Friday was part of a conspiracy to assassinate Kelantan Regent Tengku Muhammad Faris Ismail Petra".

The report also allegedly stated that the then Regent's younger brother and his bodyguards were detained by the police. - NST

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