Monday, November 28, 2011

Pregnant actress spotted in Bali

WHEN this actress was divorced by her rich husband, she told the press how terrible her ex-husband had been because he had refused to give her a single sen. 

Now this single mum has another problem, one that will become bigger in the months to come. You guessed it, she is pregnant.

Her boyfriend of several years has, however, refused to be responsible for the baby as he knows that she had been intimate with someone else to secure a TV role!

Now this actress, with  several children from her former marriage, is in Bali and will be there for several more months, until the baby is born. - NST

1 comment:

  1. Aku rasa aku tahu siapa sipelaku ini....semuga pintu taubat masih terbuka utknya kembali berHIJRAH.

    Sudah2lah buat maksiat, malu pada anak2 yg sedang membesar.....patut la kena cerai kerana tak pernah rasa cukup dan bersyukur dgn nikmat yg telah diberi selama ini....


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