Sunday, November 27, 2011

Teen electrocuted in freak accident in Bali

Talk about a holiday gone wrong...

Jake Flannery, an Australian teen holidaying in Bali, died instantly after touching a a live wire and a neon sign.

Friends who were travelling with Jake, tried to revive him but were unsuccessful. 

Flannery's saddened friends plan to cut short their Bali break and head straight back to Australia.

"We’re holding up as best we can," said one.

"He was just a fantastic guy. He was really good academically, in creative arts and at sport as well _ he was a very good hockey player."

Flannery's mother said, "I've been so stressed out about him going out there. But I really wasn't stressed about this (happening). This wasn't what I was worried about. You don't think about something as simple as leaning on a pole. You can't imagine it happening in Australia like that.

Source: Agencies

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