Friday, December 30, 2011

Hui Linn gets green light to step out and go shopping

GEORGE TOWN: After enduring a series of plastic surgery in the past nine days, acid attack victim Tan Hui Linn has been allowed to venture outdoors.
The teenager, who had been confined to her room earlier, was given the green light by doctors to visit Myeongdong Market, which is Seoul's shopping haven.
However, Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi said doctors had cautioned Hui Linn, 19, about catching a cold during her outdoor trip today.
Out and about: Hui Linn is looking forward to taking a walk at Seoul’s famous Myeongdong Market after going through surgery for nine days. — Photo courtesy of Kwong Wah Jit Poh
“The weather in Seoul is cold and dry now with the temperature ranging between 1˚C and below 4˚C. The doctors are concerned that her facial skin will crack due to the weather,” he said.
“Hui Linn is also advised to control her facial movement whenever she smiles as she has just had skin grafting surgery on her face,” he said in a telephone interview from Seoul, where Hui Linn is seeking treatment sponsored under the Medical Korea Project by the South Korean government.
Ooi, who is helping to coordinate the trip, said Hui Linn had wished to take a walk in the market where there was a large number of trendy boutiques.
He also said that doctors had fixed Jan 6 to conduct an eyebrow embroidery for Hui Linn's right eye.
This is to lay the groundwork for an eyebrow transplant using her own hair tissue.
On Oct 24, 2009, part of Hui Linn's face, body and limbs were scarred after her father Lim Teik Swee, 54, splashed acid on her mother and her while they were sleeping.
Her 50-year-old mother died while Hui Linn was blinded in the right eye. Her other eye only has limited vision now.
Despite the ordeal, she scored 9As and 1B in the SPM examination last year. - theStarOnline

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