Thursday, December 22, 2011

Teenager arrested for alledged rape

PUTRAJAYA: A 15-year-old was arrested yesterday, three months after he had raped a teenager in Dengkil.

The suspect was nabbed at his house in Dengkil, after a second report was lodged by the victim, also 15-years-old, at the Putrajaya police station yesterday evening.
In the report, a victim claimed that she was raped by two individuals at two separate locations on August 28.
The first incident took place at a park before she was rape again at an oil palm estate, also in Dengkil.
The victim claimed she had met her attackers when she had accompanied her friend to meet the latter's boyfriend and 10 other boys at a restaurant in Dengkil for a drink, after midnight.
She then claimed that she and her friend were brought to a park before her attacker dragged her to a secluded spot to rape her.
The victim was then asked to follow another individual home, but unfortunately she was raped again.
She also claimed that she fled her second attacker when he was filling petrol at a station in Cyber Valley where she sought help from policemen who were patrolling nearby.
According to sources, it is believed that the victim decided to lodge a second report after she was unsatisfied with the police's inability to catch her attackers earlier.
Putrajaya police chief Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdul Razak Abdul Majid confirmed the arrest of the suspect.
"We are now looking for the second suspect," he said, when contacted. - NST

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