Monday, January 30, 2012

Car hits four national cyclists in selection race

Mariana Mohamad, 34
Top national women cyclist Mariana Mohamad, 34, being transferred from Putrajaya Hospital to Damansara Specialist Centre, Petaling Jaya, yesterday. Pix by Fariz Iswadi Ismail

FOUR national cyclists taking part in a selection race for the Asian Cycling Championships next week were involved in an accident here yesterday.
Top national women cyclist Mariana Mohamad, 34,   suffered  fractures to her jaw, shoulder and hand, while junior Mohd Azri Ahmad, 17, broke several fingers.
National junior cyclists Mohd Aziz Zahit (left) and Mohd Azri Ahmad, both 17
National junior cyclists Mohd Aziz Zahit (left) and Mohd Azri Ahmad, both 17, after receiving treatment at Putrajaya Hospital yesterday.
Mariana's  teammate, Masziyaton Mohd Radzi, 24,  and men's junior squad rider, Mohd Aziz Zahit, 17, were bruised in the incident.
National junior coach So'ud Hussain, who was in a convoy following the race, said a car had swerved into the path of the cyclists, who were cycling at speeds of up to 55kph.
"We did have police escorts to control traffic,  but the   driver  just ignored the signals and came right into the path of the cyclists.
"The riders in this group were chasing a breakaway group of riders,   so their speeds were high. Some avoided the car, but four of them  ran right into it, with Mariana coming off the worst.
"Mariana's bicycle broke into two, while the front wheel and fork on  Azri's bicycle were broken.
All four were treated at  Putrajaya Hospital.   Mariana was transferred to  Damansara Specialist Centre, Petaling Jaya, where she will  undergo surgery.
So'ud said the   teams would have to look for   replacements for Mariana and Azri.
However, he said, Masziyaton could recover in time for the Asian Championships. - NST

Meteorological Department warns of strong winds and rough seas

KUALA LUMPUR: The Meteorological Department has issued a Second Category strong winds and rough seas warning for the waters of Condore, Reef North, Layang-layang and Palawan, with wind speeds up to 60kph and wave height of 4.5 metres.

The conditions, which are expected to continue until Feb 4, pose a danger to all coastal and shipping activities, including fishing and ferry services.

The department also issued a First Category strong winds and rough seas warning until Saturday for the waters off Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, east Johor, Sarawak, Labuan, Sabah, Tioman, Bunguran, Reef South and Sulu.

The coastal areas of the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, which are vulnerable to high waves, were expected to subside yesterday.

The conditions were dangerous to small crafts, recreational sea activities and sea sports.

The department also said in a statement that thunderstorms  over waters off Pahang, Kelantan and Sarawak were expected to end late yesterday afternoon.

The conditions, causing strong winds up to 50kph and rough seas with a wave height of 3.5m,  posed a danger to small boats. - NST

Awan Nano wins AJL 26 Song of The Year

Awan Nano won Song of the Year at AJL 26
From left composer M Nasir, lyricist Budi Hekayat and singer Hafiz won Song of the Year at AJL26 for Awan Nano. NST picture by Khairunisah Lokman, Nur Adibah dan Syarafiq
KUALA LUMPUR: Awan Nano, composed by M Nasir and lyrics by Budi Hekayat, was named Song of the Year in the 26th Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL26) tonight.

The winners bagged a trophy and RM35,000. Hafiz who performed the number also won the best vocal performance and RM10,000.

First runner-up was Beribu Sesalan penned by Kevin Chen and Tinta, sung by Ning Baizura, Shila Amzah and Jaclyn Victor. They walked away with a trophy and RM15,000.

Audi Mok and Faizal Tahir bagged the third prize for their song Karma taking home RM12,000.

The best performance award went to Alyah for her rendition of Kisah Hati. The singer walked away with a trophy and RM10,000.

Cheryl Samad and Faizal Ismail hosted the event, which was broadcast live on TV3 from Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil here.

With water as the theme of this year’s AJL, 12 finalists had been chosen to the finals which included Wanita Seluruh Dunia (Projek Pistol), Sedetik Lebih (Jaclyn Victor), Penakut (Yuna), Cinta Muka Buku (Najwa Latif), Karma (Faizal Tahir), Kisah Hati (Alyah), Sungai Lui (Aizat), Gadis Semasa (Yuna), Awan Nano (Hafiz) and Beribu Sesalan (Ning Baizura, Shila Amzah and Jaclyn Victor).

The guest performers were Datuk Sheila Majid, Awie and Jamal Abdillah. - NST

Jawi at risk of extinction


KUALA LUMPUR: A Korean expert in Jawi has expressed concern that the script is increasingly being forgotten in Malaysia and may become extinct.
“Malaysia has to educate the young generation in the Jawi script,” said Prof Dr Kang Kyoung Seok of the Pusan University of Foreign Studies.
Prof Kang, who began his research into Jawi in 1974, regards the script as a one-of-a-kind asset of Malaysia.
Speaking in fluent Malay, the professor who lectures at the Sultan Idris University of Education (UPSI) in Tanjung Malim, added: “Many experts I became acquainted with have retired without replacements.
“Without the experts, who is going to take charge of safeguarding the Jawi script?
“Malaysia should produce more experts in the Jawi script, especially among the young, to succeed the retired experts,” he said.
He said the media plays an important role in ensuring the wide use of Jawi and hoped newspapers using the script, such as Utusan Melayu, would be given a boost to attract more readers.
He suggested the Malaysian Institute of Translation and Books as well as Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka to translate more books into Jawi script.
“In (South) Korea, we translate many books because we want our people to master the Korean language and script more than any other language.
“For us, the Korean language and script are the identity of our people.
“And, in my opinion, the Jawi script is the identity of Malaysians.
“As such, Malaysians should learn Jawi to ensure they have a true Malaysian identity,” said Prof Kang, who came to Malaysia in 1984 to undertake further research into the script.
He said Malaysians were comfortable with the romanised script, which was more widely used compared to Jawi.
He added this was the main reason why Jawi was being forgotten.
Western influence was also a reason because the romanised spelling was adopted from the English language, he said.
Prof Kang said to draw more Malaysians particularly the young to use the script, the Jawi spelling system should be reverted to the Za'ba Jawi spelling system, which is simple and easy to learn. - Bernama

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clerk falls to her death after tiff with boyfriend

GEORGE TOWN: A 21-year-old parking attendant clung to the body of his girlfriend and sobbed for almost 45 minutes after she fell from the 17th floor of an apartment building after a quarrel with him.
Even after the police arrived and covered her body with a piece of white cloth, the man refused to let go.
The body of Lau Kah Kah, 22, who worked as a clerk, was found lying under a broken awning at the walkway of the apartment by her boyfriend who had rushed there.
Inconsolable: The parking attendant sitting next to Kah Kah’s body after she fell from the 17th floor of an apartment in Batu Uban Wednesday.
Residents from the apartment in Batu Uban who witnessed the scene had initially thought the two had jumped down from the building together and alerted the police.
It is learnt that Kah Kah, had a heated argument and exchanged text messages with her boyfriend before falling from the apartment at about 12.30am yesterday.
Her sister Kah Yong, 35, had told the police she overheard her sister arguing with her boyfriend over the mobile phone.
Neighbours said they heard a loud crash, followed by the boyfriend's wailing.
George Town acting OCPD Supt Ahmad Bakhtiar Kassim said police would question the boyfriend over the incident.
“We will look into the content of the SMSes to ascertain what really happened,” he said.
Kah Kah's father Lau Poh Huat, 51, a canopy contractor, said he accepted his daughter's death as fate.
“Nobody is to be blamed. I will leave it to the police to conduct their investigations,” he said when met at the Penang Hospital mortuary.
Kah Kah's grandmother Teh Phaik Huah, 74, said her grandchild brought her boyfriend to her house on the second day of Chinese New Year. - theStarOnline

Brutal murder in estate

KOTA KINABALU: Three members of a family were brutally slashed to death by assailants in what is suspected to be a revenge attack over unsettled debts. One of the assailants was also killed.
The men, armed with machetes, set upon plantation worker Ismail Jaafar, 50, and his wife Salmiah Iran, 46, while they were resting at the workers quarters at an oil palm plantation in Kalumpang, about 20km from Semporna town.
Ismail's 70-year-old father was also killed in the attack at 5.30pm on Jan 22.
One of the assailants, identified as Jul Mohd Nan, 37, was also killed following a struggle with one of the victims.
Wanted: Hamza showing the photofit of Amin Hatai during a press conference in Kota Kinabalu Wednesday.
Sabah Commissioner of Police Datuk Hamza Taib said yesterday the bodies of Ismail and his father were found at the workers quarters while Salmiah's remains were found in a nearby plantation at 3.40am the following day.
“We believe she had run into the plantation after escaping the attack but collapsed due to serious injuries and died there,” he said, adding that the victims were slashed multiple times on the neck and body.
Hamza said the couple's three children, aged between 13 and 18, and two other relatives escaped unhurt.
“The assailants had rented a lorry to come to the plantation,” he said, adding that police had brought in the lorry owner to help in investigations.
“The killing could have been fuelled by revenge, probably over unsettled debts, but we are still investigating.”
He said the assailants had sent Jul's body back to his home at nearby Kg Tagasan Jaya before fleeing.
Following the murder, Hamza said police had detained three men.
“We are looking for nine more men including another key suspect a 37-year-old man by the name of Amin Hatai,” he said, noting that police recovered five machetes at the crime scene. - theStarOnline

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lot 348 near KL Sentral razed by fire

KUALA LUMPUR: A building under construction near KL Sentral here was on fire.

KL Sentral fire3
Pix by Yusni Ariffin
The fire broke out at the top floor of the 29-storey building, located at address 348 Sentral near Little India, Brickfields here.

City Fire and Rescue Department Chief Khirudin Drahman said they received call about accident at 3.53am, before six fire engines were dispatched to the scene.

As of 6.45am, Khirudin said fireman were still fitghting the blazing flame.

KL Sentral fire4
Pix by Abdullah Yusof
The Fire Dept personnel are working together with MRCB crane operators to bring up firefighting equipments to higher level of the building.

Fire at KL Sentral
Pix by Yusni Ariffin
More debris seen falling with two huge wood planks nearly hit firemen at the building's podium level.

Casualities or injuries not known yet. NST

Lorry driver watching porn causes 2 deaths

REMUK...keadaan kenderaan selepas  kemalangan di Kilometer 19.5, Jalan Pontian-Johor Bahru, semalam.

JOHOR BARU: Three young children lost their parents in a road accident allegedly caused by a lorry driver watching a pornographic video while driving on the Jalan Pontian-Johor Baru stretch yesterday morning.

K. Vijaya, 32, and his wife, S. Helmatha, 28, were killed instantly while another motorcyclist was seriously injured in the accident involving six vehicles.

Johor Baru North police chief Assistant Commissioner Ruslan Hassan said investigations showed the driver of the sand-laden lorry was watching pornography on his LCD video player when the accident occurred at 10am. 

He said the 41-year-old lorry driver was detained. 

“The lorry has a LCD screen and we are investigating a claim that he was watching pornography while behind the wheel.” 

He said the driver lost control of the lorry, causing the pile-up which resulted in a twohour traffic jam.

The couple, from Kampung Nesa, Kangkar Pulai, had three children, aged 7, 9 and 11. 

A relative, C. Letchumanan, 65, said Vijaya was sending his wife to work at a saree shop in Taman Tampoi Indah at the time. Vijaya worked in Singapore. - NST

Worker crushed by concrete slab

 Firemen trying to extricate the body of an Indonesian worker
Firemen trying to extricate the body of an Indonesian worker who was crushed to death by the concrete slab above the guardhouse of a housing project in Bayan Lepas. -Bernama pic
GEORGE TOWN: A construction worker was crushed to death while two others were injured when a concrete slab fell on them at a housing project in Bayan Lepas yesterday.

The workers were plastering the walls of a security post located at the entrance of the project site when the mishap happened about 11.30am.

The deceased, an Indonesian in his 30s, was pinned under the rubble and was believed to have died on the spot.

Fire and Rescue Services Department personnel used a crane to lift the slab before retrieving the body, which was  sent to the Balik Pulau Hospital for a post-mortem.

The two co-workers sustained back injuries and were given outpatient treatment.

A security guard said the scaffolding holding the concrete slab gave way.

"I heard a loud cracking sound from the roof before the slab fell on the three workers. Two of them managed to avoid the falling slab." 

A police spokesman said they would work with the Department of Occupancy, Safety and Health to determine if there were structural flaws. 

The development project comprised double-storey terrace houses located near the Tabung Haji complex. - NST

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

'It is not CNY without Mak Nab'

 Wee Lee Bee (left), helping  Zainab Ismail, or Mak Nab, make nian gao.
Wee Lee Bee (left), helping Zainab Ismail, or Mak Nab, make nian gao. Generations of Malay women in Kampung Fikri, Terengganu have been making the dessert every Chinese New Year.

WITH just a few days to go to Chinese New Year, 68-year-old Zainab Ismail is busy making nian gao, the glutinuous rice cake, which is synonymous with new year celebrations, for her Chinese neighbours.

And she is not the only Malay housewife in Kampung Fikri here   busy preparing the sweet delicacy.

When met at the house of retired teacher Wee Beng Hai, 58, here yesterday, Zainab, or Mak Nab as she is affectionately known, said the tradition dated   back to the 1950s.

"The   Chinese businessmen and families wanted to offer halal ning gao to their Muslim friends and customers, so they asked their Malay neighbours to make it for them.

"I inherited the tradition from my mother and I am not the only one as several of the Malay women here also get orders for nian gao.

"My customers usually send the ingredients to my house but I am used to coming to Wee's house since her mother's time to make it here," she said  as she kneaded the  rice flour and sugar.

The dough will then be cut and moulded into cakes and steamed for two hours.

Zainah is paid RM8 for every kilogramme of rice flour she turns into nian gao.

A kilo of flour can produce between five and six cakes.

Wee's youngest daughter Wee Lee Bee, 24, who also helped prepare the mixture, said she remembered seeing Mak Nab making the sweet delicacy since she was a toddler.

"Without her making the rice cake, our new year doesn't feel complete. 

"My mother said Mak Nab has been making nian gao for her since she was young and Mak Nab's mother made them for my grandmother.

"I hope the tradition will continue as it is part of our harmonious  life in this village," said Wee, who works as a pharmacist at   Sultanah Nur Zahirah hospital in Kuala Terengganu. - NST

Man reverses lorry into sleeping friend, killing him

KOTA KINABALU: A man reversed his five-tonne lorry into his best friend who had fallen asleep behind the lorry, crushing the man to death at Menggatal near here.
The 28-year-old lorry driver had backed his vehicle from the house porch to go to work when he felt a bump.
On checking, the man got the shock of his life to find the lifeless body of best pal Yuslee Kulah, who suffered serious head and bodily injuries, lying in a pool of blood.
It was believed the 27-year-old Yuslee, who lived next door to the lorry driver, had slept there after a drinking session.
Kota Kinabalu police chief Asst Comm Ahmad Sofi Zakaria said the lorry driver was unaware that the victim was fast asleep in the porch in the 5am accident yesterday.
He also did not suspect anything was in the way after earlier seeing his uncle reversing a van that was parked behind his lorry.
ACP Ahmad Sofi said the body has been sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here for an autopsy, adding that the case was being investigated under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for reckless driving.
In another accident, a pedestrian was killed after he fell while crossing the road and was run over by a van in Labuan.
Labuan police chief Supt Saiman Kasran said Sahripan Omar, 38, tried to beat oncoming traffic by running across the road but tripped and fell. - theStarOnline

Imam drives into river – a second time at same spot

ALOR SETAR: It was a tragic second time around for an imam who crashed his car into a river here.
Ku Mustaffa Ku Shaari, 72, who was found barely alive inside his car, succumbed to his injuries on the way to Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah here.
Foreman Suboh Puteh, 54, who has repaired Ku Mustaffa's car previously, claimed that the imam had crashed his car into the same Sungai Baru in Kuala Sungai here, two months ago.
“He spent RM2,000 to repair the car at the time. Who knew he would crash into the same river twice, just 1km from the first place,” he said at the scene.
He claimed the river had also claimed the life of a boy two years ago in a car crash.
Ku Mustaffa was found inside his car, which was entangled with the metal rail guard on the road, by tow truck driver Mi Juta 34.
Ku Mustaffa died minutes later as he was rushed to hospital about 12.40am yesterday by an ambulance.
Juta said he received a call from a friend who stayed in a house beside the river at around 11.56pm.
“I arrived in five minutes' time but the car was already submerged.
“There were bubbles coming out of the car, so I instantly knew there was someone still alive in there,” he said.
“The first thing I did was to hook the guard rail to my tow truck.
“Since the car was entangled with the rail guard I was able to pull the car slightly above the water to prevent the driver from drowning.
“But I could not pull it completely out of the water as the railguard was too flimsy,” added Juta.
The driver was later rescued by firemen who pulled him out through the back window. - theStarOnline

Friday, January 13, 2012

U.S. warns of possible "terrorist" attack on Bangkok


BANGKOK (Reuters) - The U.S. embassy in Thailand warned on Friday that "foreign terrorists" could be looking to conduct attacks in areas of the capital, Bangkok, frequented by tourists and told its citizens in a message to be careful.
Walter Braunohler, spokesman at the embassy, declined to give further details but said: "We're warning all U.S. citizens to take caution when visiting public areas where Western tourists are known to gather in Bangkok."
Bangkok, a magnet for tourists with its vibrant nightlife and a transit point for those heading for Thailand's beaches, has faced political turmoil in recent years but threats of foreign attacks are rare.
(Reporting by Sinsiri Tiwutanond. Editing by Alan Raybould and Jason Szep)
Copyright © 2012 Reuters

AirAsia X decision to axe London route set to hit over 14,000 students

LONDON: AirAsia X's decision to axe its Kuala Lumpur-London route from March 30 is expected to affect over 14,000 Malaysian students pursuing their studies in the UK.
Since the route's inception in March 2009, the budget long-haul airline had been the first choice to many of them to travel home from the UK because of its affordable fares and good services.
Chairman of the United Kingdom and Eire Council of Malaysian Students, Ahmad Syawal Hafriz Abdullah, said axing the routes would leave them with fewer choices, especially the ones that won't hit their pockets.
"Many of us look forward to join our families and loved ones especially during the festive seasons," he told Bernama.
A second-year student at the London School of Economics, said he hoped AirAsia X would lift the suspension and resume its flights to London soon.
Malaysian High Commissioner here, Datuk Zakaria Sulong, said Malaysian arrivals had increased following the introduction of AirAsia X to UK.
"These include Malaysian students in the UK who found going home during break affordable. "There is no alternative low-cost carrier from Kuala Lumpur.
The movements of the people between the two countries will be affected due to the closure," he said.
Besides London, AirAsia X also announced Thursday it would suspend flights to Paris on March 31 and Mumbai and New Delhi on Jan 31.
The reason behind this suspension, according AirAsia X, was the implementation of the emissions trading scheme and air passenger duty taxes in the UK, which was due to increase in April.
Other reasons cited were budgetary concerns influenced by the global economic uncertainty and escalating jet fuel prices despite AirAsia X recording load factors of over 80 per cent for its London and Paris flights in 2011.
AirAsia X had only shifted station from London Stansted International Airport to Gatwick Airport last October.
It had also become the joint jersey sponsor of London football club, Queens Park Rangers, shortly after founder Tan Sri Tony Fernandesacquired the club last August. - BERNAMA

Thursday, January 12, 2012

30-hour effort to save killer whale

Volunteers carrying the stranded pygmy killer whale onto a speedboat before it was released into the sea yesterday. Pic by Edmund Samunting
THERE was no shortage of volunteers when a desperate request was made to help keep a stranded male pygmy killer whale  afloat and alive at a resort, here.
The killer whale  was guided and released into the sea at 5.10pm, yesterday, after it showed signs of activeness but not after nearly 30 hours of coaxing it to stay upright in the water with help from  40 volunteers.

The injured two-metre-long mammal was spotted by staff of  Shangri La's Tanjung Aru Resort here on Tuesday morning and was subsequently brought to an enclosed sea lagoon for its safety.

As experts from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Wildlife Department discussed  their next course of action, the dolphin appeared to struggle to stay afloat and upright, prompting a few people to jump in and help hold the mammal in chest-deep water.

According to experts, the mammal,  nicknamed Tony by the volunteers, was not a juvenile but neither had it reached adult size.

As word got around of the need to keep the dolphin afloat, divers, guests at the resort and others  offered their help. A 30-minute shift was organised for the volunteers to take turns in the water.

Volunteer John Tibok  Jr, 22, who came out of the water with wrinkled skin, said he was proud to be part of the group to help the rare dolphin stay alive.

"I started my shift about 5pm and there were three to four volunteers in each group," said Tibok, who took turns with other volunteers in braving  a chilly night with intermittent rain.

"The water level got higher at night during high tide and we had to use life jackets to stay afloat. We had to hold on to the ailing dolphin because it kept sinking and flipping."

He added that the dolphin appeared weak but was able to eat as volunteers fed it  fish.

A dolphin specialist, Dr Lindsay Porter, from the Sea Mammal Research Unit of St Andrew University, Scotland, said there must be something wrong for dolphins to come ashore.  Experts believe that Tony was sick and got separated from its group, which normally numbers between 50 and 100, before it got washed ashore.

"Based on observation, the dolphin is showing signs of activeness. Although it has not fully recovered, it seems to want to swim freely.

"When dolphins are active, it is best to put them in their natural environment and that is the deep sea. From there we will continue to observe its condition," said Lindsay, who did research on sea mammals with WWF.

Because there has been little research on the rare  species, their behaviour is relatively unknown and Tony's condition remains unclear. It may not even survive the deep sea on its own.

"Externally, there is nothing to be worried about although there are scars on its body. Internally, we are not very sure," added Lindsay.

The pygmy killer whale is a small, rarely seen cetacean of the oceanic dolphin family and derives its common name from sharing some physical characteristics with the killer whale.  

There have been several sightings of stranded dolphins in Tanjung Aru beach in previous years where two dolphins were spotted last year.

Meanwhile, Wildlife Department director Dr Laurentius Ambu said there was very little that could be done to treat the dolphin.

"After a long rest and signs of improvement, we felt it was best to release it to the wild. We thank Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa and all the volunteers for their support and assistance." - NST

Speeding car ‘takes off’

Perodua Myvi
Perodua Myvi car flew into the air and landed on top of a stationary van
BYSTANDERS were shocked when a Perodua Myvi car flew into the air and landed on top of a stationary van in front of a row of shophouses here.

The  driver of the car was unhurt but in a daze, and he refused to get out when passers-by tried  to help him. 

No one was reported to be inside  the shophouses when the incident happened  in Jalan Long Yunus here at 7.30am.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the car was speeding before it swerved off the road and ran over a  mound of sand by the roadside, which caused it to fly into the air.

District Fire and Rescue Department operation officer Wan Asri Wan Yaacob said the driver, a man his 20s, was being taken away by a friend when firemen arrived.  

"We wanted to ensure that the car's fuel tank did not spring a leak which could ignite a fire.

"An eyewitness who gave his name as Madi, 18, said he saw the car in mid-air for a split second soon after hearing a loud crash.

Madi, who is an attendant at a nearby petrol station, said he was refuelling a customer's vehicle when the crash happened.

"The Myvi driver  appeared to be in a daze and was reluctant to get out of the car when other drivers stopped  to help him."

District deputy police chief Superintendent Idris Abd Rafar confirmed receiving a report of the incident. - NST

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Girl dies in village where nearest fire station is 95km away

KOTA KINABALU: A five-year-old girl has died in a fire at a Beluran village where the nearest fire station is 95km away in Sandakan.
Eveyuna Elze John died when the fire broke out at her house at Kam­pung Batu Sapi on Monday night.
She was sleeping in a room while family members, including her parents and grandfather, were having dinner when the fire broke out.
They heard a small explosion and saw flames when they rushed to the room.
Eveyuna’s grandfather suffered burns on his legs when he tried to save the girl.
Sandakan fire and rescue chief Jemishin Ujin said the fire was be­­lieved to have been caused by a kerosene lamp which fell on the floor.
He said a distress call was received at 9.41pm.
The firemen had to abandon their fire-engine and used a four-wheel drive vehicle due to the slippery and narrow track into the village.
By the time they arrived at 11.25pm, villagers had put out the fire. - theStarOnline

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Online buy lands him a mortar

 Mohd Haizrul Hisham showing the stone mortar he received
Mohd Haizrul Hisham showing the stone mortar he received and not the smartphones that he had paid for. Pic by Zulkarnain Ahmad Tajuddin

JOHOR BARU: Mohd Haizrul Hisham Mohammad Hashim was waiting eagerly for the three smartphones he had ordered online on Dec 6.
But joy turned to dismay when the package finally arrived. All it contained was a stone mortar or lesung batu.
The 30-year-old said he had paid RM3,250 for the phones which he had purchased through a popular online portal from a registered dealer.
"After the purchase, my dealings with the registered dealer was through the short messaging system  where I was also offered a discount of RM50 for my smartphones as I did not want the accessories," said Haizrul yesterday.
The day after he had banked in the money to an account the dealer's representative had provided him, the package was delivered to his wife's office.
"My wife was shocked on learning that the package, sent by courier, contained only the mortar stone after she opened it when it was sent to her office in Taman Sri Tebrau." 
Haizrul said he lodged a report at the Taman Pelangi police station where he was also advised to file a case with the Malaysian Consumer Claims Tribunal to get back his money. 
He said that he had used the portal's services for a previous purchase  and did not have any problem.
Meanwhile, after hearing the   claimant's plight yesterday, Tribunal president Quaik Ching Yu ordered the second respondent of the case, Lim Than Kim, whose name the bank account was under, to pay back  RM3,250 to Haizrul within 14 days. 
However, the claim against the first respondent, Jay One Communication and Services, was dismissed. - NST

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