Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clerk falls to her death after tiff with boyfriend

GEORGE TOWN: A 21-year-old parking attendant clung to the body of his girlfriend and sobbed for almost 45 minutes after she fell from the 17th floor of an apartment building after a quarrel with him.
Even after the police arrived and covered her body with a piece of white cloth, the man refused to let go.
The body of Lau Kah Kah, 22, who worked as a clerk, was found lying under a broken awning at the walkway of the apartment by her boyfriend who had rushed there.
Inconsolable: The parking attendant sitting next to Kah Kah’s body after she fell from the 17th floor of an apartment in Batu Uban Wednesday.
Residents from the apartment in Batu Uban who witnessed the scene had initially thought the two had jumped down from the building together and alerted the police.
It is learnt that Kah Kah, had a heated argument and exchanged text messages with her boyfriend before falling from the apartment at about 12.30am yesterday.
Her sister Kah Yong, 35, had told the police she overheard her sister arguing with her boyfriend over the mobile phone.
Neighbours said they heard a loud crash, followed by the boyfriend's wailing.
George Town acting OCPD Supt Ahmad Bakhtiar Kassim said police would question the boyfriend over the incident.
“We will look into the content of the SMSes to ascertain what really happened,” he said.
Kah Kah's father Lau Poh Huat, 51, a canopy contractor, said he accepted his daughter's death as fate.
“Nobody is to be blamed. I will leave it to the police to conduct their investigations,” he said when met at the Penang Hospital mortuary.
Kah Kah's grandmother Teh Phaik Huah, 74, said her grandchild brought her boyfriend to her house on the second day of Chinese New Year. - theStarOnline

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