Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Imam drives into river – a second time at same spot

ALOR SETAR: It was a tragic second time around for an imam who crashed his car into a river here.
Ku Mustaffa Ku Shaari, 72, who was found barely alive inside his car, succumbed to his injuries on the way to Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah here.
Foreman Suboh Puteh, 54, who has repaired Ku Mustaffa's car previously, claimed that the imam had crashed his car into the same Sungai Baru in Kuala Sungai here, two months ago.
“He spent RM2,000 to repair the car at the time. Who knew he would crash into the same river twice, just 1km from the first place,” he said at the scene.
He claimed the river had also claimed the life of a boy two years ago in a car crash.
Ku Mustaffa was found inside his car, which was entangled with the metal rail guard on the road, by tow truck driver Mi Juta 34.
Ku Mustaffa died minutes later as he was rushed to hospital about 12.40am yesterday by an ambulance.
Juta said he received a call from a friend who stayed in a house beside the river at around 11.56pm.
“I arrived in five minutes' time but the car was already submerged.
“There were bubbles coming out of the car, so I instantly knew there was someone still alive in there,” he said.
“The first thing I did was to hook the guard rail to my tow truck.
“Since the car was entangled with the rail guard I was able to pull the car slightly above the water to prevent the driver from drowning.
“But I could not pull it completely out of the water as the railguard was too flimsy,” added Juta.
The driver was later rescued by firemen who pulled him out through the back window. - theStarOnline

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