Thursday, January 12, 2012

Speeding car ‘takes off’

Perodua Myvi
Perodua Myvi car flew into the air and landed on top of a stationary van
BYSTANDERS were shocked when a Perodua Myvi car flew into the air and landed on top of a stationary van in front of a row of shophouses here.

The  driver of the car was unhurt but in a daze, and he refused to get out when passers-by tried  to help him. 

No one was reported to be inside  the shophouses when the incident happened  in Jalan Long Yunus here at 7.30am.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the car was speeding before it swerved off the road and ran over a  mound of sand by the roadside, which caused it to fly into the air.

District Fire and Rescue Department operation officer Wan Asri Wan Yaacob said the driver, a man his 20s, was being taken away by a friend when firemen arrived.  

"We wanted to ensure that the car's fuel tank did not spring a leak which could ignite a fire.

"An eyewitness who gave his name as Madi, 18, said he saw the car in mid-air for a split second soon after hearing a loud crash.

Madi, who is an attendant at a nearby petrol station, said he was refuelling a customer's vehicle when the crash happened.

"The Myvi driver  appeared to be in a daze and was reluctant to get out of the car when other drivers stopped  to help him."

District deputy police chief Superintendent Idris Abd Rafar confirmed receiving a report of the incident. - NST

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