Tuesday, February 14, 2012

‘This is not the iPhone I ordered’

JOHOR BARU: A manager was shocked to receive a toy smartphone, a used paint brush and a Chinese book after he deposited RM1,750 into a cash deposit machine for a brand new Apple iPhone 4S.

toy smartphone
Faizal Hussin with the toy smartphone, used paint brush and Chinese book after he deposited RM1,750 into a cash deposit machine for a brand new Apple iPhone 4S. Pic by Nor Hazwani Hamat
To make matters worse, the toy smartphone, which resembles an iPhone, had a picture of the popular Angry Bird game on it.

Faizal Hussin, from Taman Impian Jaya here, received the items on Jan 5 after he made an order for the popular Apple smartphone which was advertised on an online Internet portal.

Prior to this, Faizal said that he did not have any problems from purchasing mobile phones offered by other advertisers through the same online portal in the past.

"I was attracted to the iPhone 4S which was being advertised for RM1,750 per unit.

"The price was appealing as it was much cheaper than the recommended retail price of RM2,400.

"I contacted the number and was told to bank-in the payment and the phone would be delivered within two days."

Faizal was describing the events as part of his statement leading to the items he received in the post at the Malaysian Consumer Claims Tribunal which was chaired by its president, Maznah Haron here yesterday.

Continuing on his statement, Faizal said he made effort to locate the company's address which was in Muar based on the bank account number.

However, his findings proved to be futile after he found out that the address was a rented home.

On Jan 10, Faizal said he was shocked to read in the newspapers that a former bank officer received a lesung batu  (stone mortar) after making payments of RM3,250 for three smartphones from the same company.

"Following that, I filed  a consumer claim with the tribunal in the hope of getting some justice."

After looking at evidence of payment and Faizal's statement, Maznah then ordered the defendant, into whose account the money was deposited, to return the sum of RM1,750 to the victim within 14 days.

Maznah advised Faizal, as the claimant, to lodge a police report with regard  to the case.

"As consumers, we should be watchful and not  be deceived by products that have been offered at cheaper prices, especially through the Internet," she said. - NST

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