Thursday, March 29, 2012

22-year-old injured as toilet bowl explodes at LRT station

KUALA LUMPUR: A 22-year-old man who was easing himself at an LRT station restroom suffered injuries when the toilet bowl exploded.
The 1.20pm incident occurred at the Sri Rampai LRT station yesterday when Muhd Sakereen Basri was answering the call of nature.
He suffered injuries to his thighs and the back of his body.
Sentul OCPD Asst Comm Zakaria Pagan said forensics personnel found splinters of the bowl and pieces of paper at the scene.
He said the papers were used to wrap the explosives, believed to be firecrackers, that were kept near the toilet bowl by some irresponsible parties.
“CCTV footages showed several people going in and out of the toilet,” said ACP Zakaria.
“Police have yet to ascertain the culprit behind the work.
“It could be the work of mischievous teenagers who were playing in the area,” he said.
ACP Zakaria said police would record Muhd Sakereen's statement to ascertain how the explosion took place. - theStarOnline

Friday, March 23, 2012

Paralysed girl in bungee jump

Paraplegic thrill-seeker Christine Rougoor, 24, fulfilled a lifelong dream by taking part in the challenge.
The incredible feat was captured on camera and show Miss Rougoor yelling with joy during the jump.
She said: "It gave me a couple of seconds of freedom from any worries and thoughts.
"I would do it again in a heartbeat.
"The minute I got back, I begged them to push me back over."
Loving it ... Christine cheers with joy on bounce
Loving it ... Christine cheers with joy on bounce

The one-minute film shows Miss Rougoor, who is paralysed from the waist down, on a bridge in British Columbia, Canada.

Helpers then hoist her onto the rails before chucking her wheels-first over the edge.

She lost the use of her legs back in 2008 when she was involved in a biking accident in Florida.
Christine was in a coma for three weeks after the crash before waking up on Christmas Day.
Since then she has trained as an art and French teacher and raised money for good causes, including Wheels in Motion.
The amazing jump was made possible by 9Lives Adventures, who do extreme sports for disabled people.
Founder Karim Ladki said: "I normally tell the first-time jumpers to stay in the chair as it provides a good back support and keeps you upright.
"This also prevents any blood from moving around the body too much, furthermore preventing any light-headedness or black-outs." - theSUN

Toddler survives being rolled over by car

JOHOR BARU: A toddler had a close shave with death as he was trapped under a car at his family's home in Taman Desaru Utama, Bandar Penawar, Kota Tinggi on Wednesday.
Mohd Ilman Sadiq, aged one year and six-months, suffered severe internal injuries, including his lungs, and is currently being warded in the intensive care unit of the Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA) after the 6.30pm incident on Wednesday.
His mother Salinda Kamisan, 38, said she was shocked to see her child (Mohd Ilman) trapped under the family's Proton Iswara car.
“What made it worst was that Mohd Ilman was quiet at that moment despite us calling out his name. We could see that he was in pain as his body was in a crouched position and pinned by the car's weight,” she said when met at the hospital yesterday.
Despite that, Salinda said she was thankful that her neighbours had rushed to Mohd Ilman's aid as he was trapped under the car with only 0.3 metres of height.
She said the neighbours had used a car jack to raise the height but failed.
“Following that, five male neighbours then took it upon themselves to lift the rear of the car where upon Mohd Ilman was rescued,” said Salinda, adding that her youngest son was then given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from a team of medical assistants who arrived from the Kota Tinggi Hospital (HKT)
Mohd Ilham's was sent to HKT after the incident. Yesterday he was transferred to the hospital here for treatment to his back and lung injuries.
According to Salinda, the incident was believed to have happened when her eldest daughter Norizati Nafisah, 14, accidentally released the handbrakes when she took out some things from the car.
She said Norizati, who is the eldest of four siblings, did not notice her youngest brother standing near the gate when the car started rolling and smashing into the gate.
Meanwhile, Mohd Ilman's father Mohd Abdul Hakim, 38, said he only learnt of the incident after he received a call from his family.
“I was away at work when I was told of the incident. I am thankful to my neighbours and the medical assistants for saving my son,” said the rescue personnel who is attached with the Desaru Pulai Resort.
Mohd Abdul said he hopes that his son's condition will improve as currently he is still in pain. - NST

10-minute terror ride for boy

kanak-kanak diculik

MALACCA: Eight-year-old Noor Abdullah Afiq Abdullah was jolted out from his sleep in his grandfather's car and taken on a ride by a carjacker but luckily, it lasted only 10 minutes.
Prompt police action ensured that the child was recovered safely and returned to his grandfather.
The boy had accompanied grandfather Abu Semah Othman, 62, to an insurance company at Taman Melaka Raya here at about 2.15pm, and was left inside the car with the air-conditioner running.
Abu Semah said he switched on the radio as well, adding that Noor Abdullah was asleep on the back seat at that time.
“I had some transactions to do and parked my car 20m away from the insurance firm.
“I was shocked to see my car gone in less than five minutes,'' the shaken Abu Semah said.
He ran back to the insurance firm to get help from the staff who alerted a traffic policeman along the street.
The policeman radioed for help and all patrol cars were put on alert.
“Just as I arrived at the Melaka Tengah police station, an officer informed me that a patrol car had intercepted my car and my grandson was safe,'' Abu Semah added.
Melaka Tengah OCPD Asst Comm Salehhudin Abdul Rahman said a high-speed chase ensued before police intercepted the car and nabbed a 31-year-old suspect.
“We found a pouch containing gadgets which we believe was used for car-jacking,” he added.
ACP Salehuddin said police detained two more suspects, including a Thai woman in her 20s. - theStarOnline

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Girl escapes from Thai captors

PETALING JAYA: A 15-year-old Malaysian girl, who has been missing for over a month after being abducted by an international child sex trafficking syndicate, has escaped from her captors in Thailand.
Selangor CID chief SAC Mohd Adnan Abdullah said the teenager managed to make a bid for her freedom with five other girls from Myanmar, all of whom were found by the Thai police at the Hua Lampong train station in Bangkok on March 11.
Sources said the girl had told officials from the Thai police that she was a Malaysian.
As she did not possess any identification documents, they had to check with the Malaysian Embassy, which then confirmed that she was reported missing in Malaysia.
It is learnt that the girl, who is the second youngest of five siblings, had been reported missing since Jan 30 after her 37-year-old mother dropped her off at a bus stop near their home in Seksyen 8, Shah Alam.
The teenager had wanted to go to a friend's house for some revision.
However, when she did not return home later that day and after her friends told the mother that they had not seen her, she decided to lodge a police report the following day at the Shah Alam police station.
The mother, who had not heard from her daughter ever since, received a call from an embassy official in Bangkok on March 11.
She then took a flight to Bangkok to meet her daughter.
Both the mother and child arrived at the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal in Sepang at about 8pm yesterday before she was whisked away by authorities to have her statement recorded and undergo a medical examination.
“The case is being investigated under Section 366 of the Penal Code for kidnapping for the purpose of prostitution,” said SAC Mohd Adnan. - theStarOnline

Girl in hospital after dog attack

BUKIT MERTAJAM: A seven-year-old girl was attacked by her neighbour's dog while she was cycling with a friend outside her home in Lorong Bandar Timur 9 at Bandar Perda here.
Dhiya Qairina suffered deep gashes on her buttocks and back after being bitten by a mongrel at 6.45pm on Sunday.
She has been admitted to a private hospital.
Her father Muhammad Nur Akmal Abdul Latif, 47, who is an engineer, said his daughter was still in shock and was trying to recover from the nightmare.
In shock: Dhiya receiving treatment at a private hospital after she was attacked by her neigh bour’s dog in Lorong Bandar Timur 9 at Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam yesterday.
“The mongrel attacked my daughter when she fell from her bicycle. I quickly grabbed her bicycle and tried to chase the dog away but it continued to attack her,” he said at the hospital yesterday.
He said the incident happened shortly after his wife Rodziah Mohd Adas, 44, and Dhiya arrived home in a car from a shopping trip.
Dhiya, he said, got out of the car and went cycling with a friend.
“We were removing the goods from the car when my daughter shouted for help. Then I noticed that the dog was attacking her and I quickly went to her aid,” he said.
The dog, he said, belonged to a neighbour who lived about 100m away from his house.
He said the dog owner visited his daughter at the hospital on Sunday and apologised over the incident.
At about 11pm on Sunday, Muhammad lodged a police report at the district police headquarters in Bandar Perda.
Seberang Prai Municipal Council veterinary unit personnel took custody of the dog yesterday.
They are expected to conduct a medical examination on the dog to determine their next course of action. - theStarOnline

Cops: Girl may have run away

Siti Nur Fatihah Mahadi 
KUANTAN: The disappearance of a 15-year-old girl here has led to conflicting versions between her family and the police.
While her two siblings have claimed that she was abducted in broad daylight while walking along a busy street here, authorities believe that she might have run away.
According to her siblings, Siti Nur Fatihah Mahadi was heading to a shop in Jalan Tas 2 to top up her handphone credit on Sunday when a car suddenly stopped in front of them and a man pulled her in.
Her adopted sister Siti Nurul Aisyah, 11, said although she and her brother Mohamad Syahmi Aiman, 11, struggled to pull their eldest sister back, they were elbowed away by the man.
“My sister was shouting for help. My brother and I tried to save her but we could only watch as the car sped away,” she said at their home at Taman Tas here yesterday.
Siti Nurul Aisyah said a Malay woman was driving the deep purple car, adding that there was another man in it. She claimed that she did not recognise any of them.
However, Kuantan OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Jasmani Yusoff said they believed that Siti Nur Fatihah had run away with her friends.
“Witnesses said she told someone on the phone that she wanted to run away from her mother. A car then came and picked her up in front of the handphone shop.
“There was no screaming or anything that looked like an abduction,” he said.
ACP Mohd Jasmani said the case was still being investigated, adding that the police would track down her whereabouts.
Meanwhile, Siti Nur Fatihah's mother Normala Mohd Lazin said her children had come home crying at about 3.20pm.
“They told me what happened. I immediately tried to call my daughter's handphone but it was switched off,” she said.
She added that she did not feel that Siti Nur Fatihah, who did not have a boyfriend, had run away.
“My daughter told me she had a bad feeling before leaving the house but she laughed it off. Please return my daughter. Please don't hurt her,” said the distraught woman.
Teruntum assemblyman Chang Hong Seong urged those with information on Siti Nur Fatihah's whereabouts to contact the police or her parents at 019-9813 361 and 019-9897 807. - theStarOnline

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Asyraf's assailant gets 7 years jail

London: Seven months after Beau Isagba punched Malaysian student, Asyraf Haziq Rosli, 21 and robbed him of his bike, the teenager was slapped with a total of seven years jail by Judge W Pawlak at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday.
Isagba, who turned 18 on March 8 was found guilty on Feb 16  by a jury of the incident which made world wide headlines during the London riots on August 8 last year.
The total sentence was for serious bodily harm with intent, robbery and burglary and violent disorder.
From that total, four years and six months imprisonment  was for assaulting Asyraf and robbing him of his bike.
Judge Pawlak told a court full of his family and friends that on that day in question, Isagba behaved like a thug and chose a victim that was vulnerable.
In sentencing him, the judge said, I believe you knew what you had done.
"This sentence will make likeminded people like you think before they misbehave in a similar way to you and to reassure the public and visitors to the country that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated,” he said.
On that day during the month of Ramadhan Asyraf was cycling with his friend Sheikh Azhar to go to a friend's place when they ran into several groups of people. 
Isagba, who the prosecution said had been looting and rampaging with other youths along Ilford Road just before the Barking flyover where the incident took place.
The six foot one teenager demanded the bike and punched Asyraf in the face breaking his jaw in two places.
He then rode off leaving the mob surrounding Asyraf laughing. 
Asyraf was set upon by another group of people, one John Fakunda, 22, pretended to be a Good Samaritan and helped him up on his feet, but later when his friend came and rifled through a stunned and dazed Asyraf he joined in.
His friend, Reece Donovan, also 22, took Asyraf's play station and games worth 500 stg. He swaggered away, throwing an empty plastic container which Asyraf wanted to use to bring back some food for his sahur as it was fasting month.
Donovan and Kafunda were found guilty of robbing Asyraf and violent disorder and will be sentenced on March 13. - NST

Wedding is all ours, says Fasha

PETALING JAYA: Actress Fasha Sandha (pic) will not accept any form of sponsorship for her wedding with Rizal Ashram Ramli as she does not want to be indebted to anyone.
The actress said expenses for her wedding next month, including four changes of clothing, would be solely borne by her future husband.
“We will not be accepting any sponsorship,” she told mStar Online when approached at Majlis Pelancaran Inspirasiku TV3 here.
Fasha said she and Rizal, who is popularly known as Jejai, were not dreaming of a large-scale wedding.
“I am not hoping for it to be the wedding of the year'. Instead, I will be satisfied with a more moderate celebration as it will be easier to mingle and meet with guests,” she said.
“There will also be no press conferences to promote this wedding as per my husband's request.”
Fasha said she and Jejai, the son of former Perak mentri besar Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib, would be married at the couple's home in Ampang near here.
She said they would be holding their first wedding reception there, be followed by two more ceremonies in Perlis and at a secret destination for close friends.
However, the actress was still hesitant to reveal the actual date of their wedding.
“The reception in Kuala Lumpur will be held after the akad nikah at a house Jejai bought for me.
“The dates for the three ceremonies cannot be revealed yet. For now, wait until the wedding cards are sent out,” she quipped.
Fasha said wedding preparations were still ongoing and she had not fixed a theme for her special occasion.
She revealed that only the reception in Perlis with her family members would have a traditional concept, as she had requested it.
In other developments, Fasha said she and her fiance would have their honeymoon in Pulau Redang.
She also admitted she only agreed to marry Jejai the second time he proposed to her.
Jejai had been married to actress Nora Danish in 2006 but their relationship only lasted two years.
They have one son, two-year-old Putera Rayqal Ramli. - theStarOnline

Dubious glow in candy

GEORGE TOWN: Lollipops that glow in the dark may be nice to look at but they contain a hidden danger.
Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) president S.M. Mohamed Idris said the chemical inside the lollipop stick which makes it glow is toxic.
He added that there was a danger of the chemical inside the stick leaking out and being ingested by children.
Red alert: The lollipops being displayed at the CAP office in Penang Friday.
“Tests conducted by the National Institute for Testing Food Hygiene and Safety under the Health Ministry of Vietnam showed that the sticks contain phthalate and poly aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH). Phthalate acts as a solvent for the latter and the combination of the two chemicals leads to an oxygenated reaction, creating a fluorescent illumination in the stick.
“PAH is an extremely toxic chemical, usually used for industrial purposes like diluting paint. It can cause cancer or gene mutation in humans,” he told a press conference at the CAP office here yesterday.
Idris said these lollipops were appealing to children due to their glowing appearance.
He said the candy, which has been banned in Vietnam, is being sold at some mini-markets and by hawkers in front of schools here at 40 sen each.
“The Health Ministry should ban their sale and distribution. The wrappers had the address of a company in Bukit Mertajam,” he added.
He said CAP also claimed that the halal logos on the box of 24 lollipops it obtained were fake. - theStarOnline

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