Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dubious glow in candy

GEORGE TOWN: Lollipops that glow in the dark may be nice to look at but they contain a hidden danger.
Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) president S.M. Mohamed Idris said the chemical inside the lollipop stick which makes it glow is toxic.
He added that there was a danger of the chemical inside the stick leaking out and being ingested by children.
Red alert: The lollipops being displayed at the CAP office in Penang Friday.
“Tests conducted by the National Institute for Testing Food Hygiene and Safety under the Health Ministry of Vietnam showed that the sticks contain phthalate and poly aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH). Phthalate acts as a solvent for the latter and the combination of the two chemicals leads to an oxygenated reaction, creating a fluorescent illumination in the stick.
“PAH is an extremely toxic chemical, usually used for industrial purposes like diluting paint. It can cause cancer or gene mutation in humans,” he told a press conference at the CAP office here yesterday.
Idris said these lollipops were appealing to children due to their glowing appearance.
He said the candy, which has been banned in Vietnam, is being sold at some mini-markets and by hawkers in front of schools here at 40 sen each.
“The Health Ministry should ban their sale and distribution. The wrappers had the address of a company in Bukit Mertajam,” he added.
He said CAP also claimed that the halal logos on the box of 24 lollipops it obtained were fake. - theStarOnline

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