Friday, March 23, 2012

Toddler survives being rolled over by car

JOHOR BARU: A toddler had a close shave with death as he was trapped under a car at his family's home in Taman Desaru Utama, Bandar Penawar, Kota Tinggi on Wednesday.
Mohd Ilman Sadiq, aged one year and six-months, suffered severe internal injuries, including his lungs, and is currently being warded in the intensive care unit of the Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA) after the 6.30pm incident on Wednesday.
His mother Salinda Kamisan, 38, said she was shocked to see her child (Mohd Ilman) trapped under the family's Proton Iswara car.
“What made it worst was that Mohd Ilman was quiet at that moment despite us calling out his name. We could see that he was in pain as his body was in a crouched position and pinned by the car's weight,” she said when met at the hospital yesterday.
Despite that, Salinda said she was thankful that her neighbours had rushed to Mohd Ilman's aid as he was trapped under the car with only 0.3 metres of height.
She said the neighbours had used a car jack to raise the height but failed.
“Following that, five male neighbours then took it upon themselves to lift the rear of the car where upon Mohd Ilman was rescued,” said Salinda, adding that her youngest son was then given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from a team of medical assistants who arrived from the Kota Tinggi Hospital (HKT)
Mohd Ilham's was sent to HKT after the incident. Yesterday he was transferred to the hospital here for treatment to his back and lung injuries.
According to Salinda, the incident was believed to have happened when her eldest daughter Norizati Nafisah, 14, accidentally released the handbrakes when she took out some things from the car.
She said Norizati, who is the eldest of four siblings, did not notice her youngest brother standing near the gate when the car started rolling and smashing into the gate.
Meanwhile, Mohd Ilman's father Mohd Abdul Hakim, 38, said he only learnt of the incident after he received a call from his family.
“I was away at work when I was told of the incident. I am thankful to my neighbours and the medical assistants for saving my son,” said the rescue personnel who is attached with the Desaru Pulai Resort.
Mohd Abdul said he hopes that his son's condition will improve as currently he is still in pain. - NST

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