Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chinese violinist in tears over nude photos

The nude photos were taken some time ago. Pic from
The nude photos were taken some time ago. Pic from

Britain's Got Talent sensation Analiza Ching was in tears after naked pictures of her spread like wildfire in her native China — and brought shame on her family.
The violinist told how her dad now faces losing his job as a music teacher after angry parents spotted the snaps and pulled their kids out of class.
Her furious relatives have also kicked off, yelling abuse at her parents and claiming she is “selling her body” by doing the nude shots.
Analiza — who wowed the judges with her sexy performance on Saturday night — told TV Biz: “Those naked pictures have made it over to China where my family live and they are so upset.
“This sort of thing is really frowned upon in China.
“My relatives are completely shocked and are saying all sorts of nasty things to my parents. My mum and dad have been crying and are so upset and disappointed about it.
“My dad — who is very strict — said no one is turning up to his classes and he thinks he will lose his job.
“They say I have brought shame on the family and all of China when all I want to do is play the violin.”
We told on Monday how the talented beauty was beaten by her dad Ande as she grew up to try to make her perform better.
The 29-year-old, who has been in Britain since she was 16 pursuing her dream of playing the violin professionally, said she wishes she had never posed for the nude pictures two years ago.
She explained: “They were so innocent. I just did them with a friend and it was fully clothed to start with and then we did some more arty ones.
“They were never supposed to be seen in public but because I have been on TV they are now all over the internet.
“I’m so upset that this has over-shadowed my performance on BGT.”
She added that none of her family in China has seen her storming BGT performance, which got four yeses.
Analiza — real name Hui Quin Jiang — said: “My family are very strict. My dad pushed me all my life and I worked so hard but now all they see is that picture — they don’t think I’m a musician, just someone selling their body.
“I wish they could see my performance to change their minds. My mum wants me back in China to explain what has gone on but I can’t as I want to win BGT.”
Published April 12 2012

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