Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taiwan's 'Forever Formosa Lady' dies

Chang Mei-yao, an iconic Taiwanese actress, died on April 1. She was 71.
Her death was only announced after her funeral on Wednesday.

Her two daughters issued a statement via the Public Television Service, saying that Chang had passed away peacefully.

"Mom was a low-profile person and did not like to trouble anyone. We sent her off quietly according to her last wish.

"We are deeply sorry that we did not inform you at once, hope you can forgive us," wrote the daughters.
The girls also expressed their gratitude to those in the industry and Chang's fans who had given their help and support to the late actress.
Chang and Ko in Vall of the Mountains
Chang and Ko in Vall of the Mountains
It was reported that Chang's ex-husband, actor Ko Chun-Hsiung, was also in the dark of her death prior to the announcement.

Known as "The Forever Formosa Lady", Chang was described as the most beautiful woman in Taiwan since debuting in 1959.

She had filmed some 50 films and dramas, and also starred in Taiwan's first colour film Wu Feng in 1962.
A wedding photo of Chang and Ko
A wedding photo of Chang and Ko
Chang married Ko in 1970 after collaborating in 1967's Call of the Mountains and quit showbiz the next year just as her fame was at its height.

After getting married, Ko continued with his playboy behaviour but Chang chose to "close one eye" until 2004, when the man was exposed to have fathered two illegitimate childen.

After her divorce, Chang lived in a broken apartment with her daughters and was forced to work again. She began shooting a TV series.

Chang won the Best Newcomer Award at the Asian Film Festival and was nominated several times in Golden Bell Awards.

In 2008, she was presented with a special award in recognition of her lifelong dedication to the Mandarin film industry at the Golden Horse Film Awards.

Ko broke down when he was asked about the news by reporters.

"It was all my fault...," he said.

Published April 13, 2012

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