Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tanker leak sparks rush for 'free' oil

The crowd, including motorists, jostling to collect the cooking oil leaking from a tanker after the vehicle’s main pipe broke. Pic by Rahmat Othman
ALOR STAR: There was a mad rush for "free" cooking oil when an 18-tonne tanker lorry carrying the load suffered a leak after it skidded at Km250 of the Langgar-Alor Star expressway near here yesterday.

Armed with whatever containers they could grab, hundreds of people, including motorists, jostled to collect the oil flowing out of the tanker after its main pipe broke when the vehicle stopped by the roadside.
The rush also caused a massive traffic jam at the expressway, which is one of the busiest in Kedah.
Several sundry shops nearby also recorded brisk sales over the incident after the looters scrambled to buy empty bottles and containers to collect the cooking oil.
Many were also seen collecting the oil in biscuit cans and even plastic bags.
Tanker driver Azizan Hashim, 48, who was unhurt, said he was terrified at seeing the people rushing to collect the cooking oil.
"I was scared, not so much by the accident but by the sight of these people rushing towards the tanker," he said.
"It was just a crazy situation. People came out of nowhere not to help but to get the cooking oil."
Azizan said he had left Butterworth in Penang to deliver the RM45,000 load to retailers in Naka, Pokok Sena. - NST

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