Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nayati’s dad loses job

KUALA LUMPUR: The family of Dutch boy Nayati Moodliar has been dealt a fresh blow while still wrestling with the trauma of his kidnapping.
His father Shamelin has been fired from his job for refusing to move out of Malaysia after the release of his 12-year-old son.
“My employers told me Malaysia is not safe, so they are recalling the family to the Netherlands with a week's notice.
“I don't think the Malaysian people deserve that statement after what they did to bring our son back.
While still struggling to recover from the trauma of a kidnapping, Shamelin Moodliar and his family have been hit by another blow – the management consultant has been fi red from his job.
“And how can we run away? We have to be here to make sure that the prosecution goes through.
“We have an obligation to put the kidnappers behind bars so that they cannot do it again,” said the 41-year-old consultant of an international management firm, which he joined a year-and-a-half ago.
In an interview with The Star, Shamelin said he was sent to Malaysia from the Netherlands eight months ago to help the company achieve its expansion goals in Asia.
Nayati was abducted while walking to the Mont' Kiara International School on April 27, and was released six days later after a RM300,000 ransom was paid.
Three men have been charged in the magistrate's court here under the Kidnapping Act 1961. The mastermind, however, is still at large and believed to be in Europe.
Shamelin claimed the company he worked for had been “victimising” him shortly after he arrived here.
“I raised concerns about us not being customer-focused enough and too Euro-centric, not listening enough and trying to understand.
“I saw what was going on and decided to stand up for my Malaysian colleagues.”
In March, he said, his employer tried to terminate his contract but could not find a valid reason to do so.
He added: “They could not fire me because of my good work performance, so after numerous attempts to pay me off, intimidations and even trying to evict us from our home, things went quiet during the kidnapping.
“Immediately after, though, they tried to take advantage of our situation by ordering us back to the Netherlands with no prospects of a job there either.
“This is probably because it would be easier for them to end my contract there. If they really cared about me, they would not be firing me without pay or a place to live.
“They fired me because I refused to give up on my Malaysian base and the people who have shown us warmth and hospitality.”
Up to press time, several attempts have been made to contact Shamelin's employer but to no avail.
The priority for the family now, Shamelin said, was to get professional help to cope with the trauma, especially for Nayati to get “back into the normal rhythm of life”.
“We were nearly broken as a family by the ordeal. Now we just got him (Nayati) back and are trying to get on with our lives, but they (the company) are using this opportunity to drive us further into the ground by trying to kick us out of here.”
For now, added Shamelin, Nayati was trying to help missing children by setting up video logs.
“Nayati said to me, I'm really lucky to be back and everybody helped to get me back but there are so many other children who are still missing. I have the responsibility to use my voice to help the other children'.
“As parents, we want to help him do this while making sure that he is mentally and emotionally ready.
“Even though now I don't have a job and we will lose our home, we will continue to live by our principles and stand up for what is right,” he said.

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