Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More grouses over rude Malaysians

PETALING JAYA: Double-parking and blocking other cars, jumping and hogging queues, vandalism, jay walking, driving slowly on the fast lane and spitting in public.
The list goes on as Netizens continue to air their grievances on social networks about the rude or inconsiderate behaviour of Malaysians.
Yesterday, a survey in The Star Online's Facebook page (www.facebook/thestaronline) showed that bad driving habits such as changing lanes without signalling, honking impatiently and tailgating were the pet peeves.
Also high on the list were selfish acts like ignoring signs against smoking, littering, snatching a parking bay while someone else is waiting for it, and not giving up seats for pregnant women and elderly people.
Recently, Reader's Digest ranked Kuala Lumpur almost at the bottom of a list of least courteous cities, placing it at 34th place out of 36 major cities in the world.
“I don't know about you, my fellow Malaysians, but I'm ashamed by the finding of Reader's Digest that Malaysians are rude,” @KingsleyLD posted on Twitter.
@oliviasy tweeted that even though she has encountered many rude Malaysians, she has also met a number of courteous ones.
“So there's hope,” she posted.
Facebook user Julian Kung commented that people who refuse to queue up, whether at a counter or in traffic, irritated him.
“Second worst thing is people winding down the window while driving and spitting, trying to achieve Olympic distance!” he wrote, adding to the list of over 50 comments on The Star Online's Facebook post yesterday calling for people to relate their experiences with rude Malaysians.
Another Facebook user Sena Ram said people who spit in public places or smoke around children annoy her.
“There are so many bad words (written or painted) on public properties,” she added.
Mickey Kok wrote that “decorated” public phone booths were an eyesore while Lucy Lau complained about people who eat “kuaci (sunflower seeds)” in public places and do not clean up the mess made by the shells.
Sheela Selvarasan said she hated it when people hold up the queue at a payment counter while they run off to look for a last-minute item that they want to add.
“In some sense, we can say most Malaysians are not civic-minded. I think we are all guilty of some of the things listed here,” she admitted. - theStarOnline

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