Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mum helpless as two-year-old burns to death

JOHOR BARU: It was a nightmare for housewife Nor Nadia Abdul Samad who could only listen in horror as her two-year-old son called out to her before he was burnt to death in a fire at their home in Permas Jaya here.
The distraught 25-year-old mother was on the ground floor of her double-storey terrace house when she smelt something burning at about 9.15am yesterday.
“I had bathed my two elder children and was taking a shower when the smell hit me,” she said, adding that she came out of the bathroom to find the house enveloped in thick black smoke.
Nor Nadia then quickly ushered her two children (Mohd Amirul Hakim, six, and Nur Aisyah Nadirah, four) out of the house before attempting to save her youngest son Muhammad Aminuddin.
Nor Nadia being consoled by a relative outside her house after the charred remains of her son Muhammad Aminuddin (inset) was found.
“The smoke was so thick. I could hear Amin crying for me but I just could not breathe in the house.
“Moments later, the whole place was filled with flames and all I could do was cry and listen as my son screamed out for me,” she said, adding that she also called her neighbours and her father-in-law for help but none could save him.
A grief-stricken Nor Nadia said she didn't care about the house or any of her belongings but only wanted her son back.
Her husband Mohamed Nor Idris Ahmad, 29, said the family had just moved into the home on Tuesday.
Fiery end: Policemen and Fire and Rescue Department personnel investigating Nor Nadia’s home in Permas Jaya.
“We were hoping to start a new life here and this happens. I just do not know what to think right now,” he said as Fire and Rescue Department officials found the charred remains of his son after the fire was brought under control.
Johor Jaya Fire and Rescue Department operations head Mohamad Anuar said the house was already engulfed in flames when firemen arrived.
He said the cause of the fire was being investigated, adding that four houses were affected and two of them were totally razed. - theStarOnline


  1. Alfatihah....salam takziah for the family. What a pain feeling and feel sorry for the parent.

  2. alfatihah.. alahai.. so sorry for her family.. :(
    btw, blogwalk time.. :)


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