Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lawyer ‘buys’ former Miss Malaysia for RM600

Beauties with a heart: Doing their bit for good cause at the 'auction' are Heng (L) & Sim (R) who were 'sold' for RM600 and RM820 respectively.
KUALA LUMPUR: Former Miss Malaysia World Nadia Heng has been “sold” for RM600 but it was no slave trade; it was an “auction” for a good cause.

Heng was among five local personalities who were “sold” to the highest bidder to raise funds for the upgrading of UndiMsia!’s resource centre. The “buyers” got to go out with the personalities on a date.
Heng said she was game for anything – be it a candlelight dinner or a meal at a mamak’s stall.
“I don’t mind being ‘sold’ off like that as it is for a good cause,” she said when met at the auction in conjunction with UndiMsia!’s one-year anniversary celebration in Bangsar here.
Lawyer Dipendra Rai, 37, put in the bid of RM600 for her. Asked where he planned to take Heng, Rai said he wanted to surprise her.
IT manager Adam Loo, 38, paid the highest price of RM1,200 and won a “date” with lawyer Edmund Bon.
Loo, Bon’s close friend, said their “date” would be their usual hangout at a mamak’s stall and he would buy Bon roti canai and teh tarik.
“I am flattered to have got the highest bid but more importantly, I am thankful so many people have contributed for a good cause,’’ said Bon.
Other personalities at the auction were FHM Girl Next Door 2010 contest winner Yvonne Sim, documentary producer Seira Sacha, and actor Tony Eusoff, who were “sold” for RM820, RM800 and RM320 respectively.
The event also included performances by the band To Kill a Mockingbird and singer Emeka Agu, as well as a screening of the documentary Ombak Perubahan.
The documentary was directed by The S-Ploited, in association with Wayang Loyar Burok, and tells the history of social justice movements in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines
UndiMsia! is an initiative targeted at youths to build communities and empower citizens. - theStarOnline

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