Monday, September 24, 2012

Girl drawn into weird world of masochism

KUANTAN: A 16-year-old girl was drawn into a bizarre world of sadomasochism by a Datuk' and a so-called sultan after she fell in love with another teenager over the phone.
Ling (not her real name) endured self-mutiliation and sleep deprivation in the belief that she was saving the life of her “boyfriend” after being told he had suffered a heart attack.
She said although she had never met the boy and their relationship was purely based on calls and SMSes, she was ordered by his uncle a “Datuk Alex Leung” and a “sultan” to slash herself and go sleepless for days otherwise her boyfriend would die.
She was also instructed to send nude photographs of herself to the 18-year-old San' and he, in turn, sent her videos of himself masturbating.
Ling's father noticed his daughter behaving strangely and found her cowering in a corner of her room on Sept 18. After much coaxing, she told him everything that had happened to her over the past month.
Her father also found SMSes from Leung, telling Ling to use the injuries on her body to accuse her parents of being abusive.
He then lodged a police report.
Ling said San was jobless and lives in Kuala Lumpur. They came to know each other through a mutual friend.
In August, Leung allegedly contacted Ling and told her that San, who is supposedly his nephew, had had a heart attack and she needed to fulfil a list of conditions to heal the boy.
“He said I must slash my body and not sleep for eight days to save my boyfriend,” said Ling, adding that Leung also sent her photographs of women with similar cuts on their bodies.
Using a blade, Ling repeatedly slashed her belly and chest.
“The Datuk' said he has spirits watching me, so he would know if I was sleeping or not.
“I fell asleep once and he got angry and ordered me not to sleep for another week,” she said at a press conference.
Ling added that whenever she could not fulfil Leung's demands, he would threaten to report to the “sultan”.
“This sultan contacted me once and said he could get my dad fired.
“I felt it strange that a sultan was calling me but did not want to think much about it,” she said. - theStarOnline

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