Friday, September 14, 2012

Group protests against anti-Islam video in front of American Embassy

Egyptian protesters take cover during clashes with riot police near the US embassy in Cairo on September 13, 2012. Police used tear gas as they clashed with a crowd protesting outside the US embassy in Cairo against a film mocking Islam. - AFP PHOTO/KHALED DESOUKI - 14 September, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR: A group of about 30 people gathered outside the American Embassy to protest against a video clip of a film that mocked and insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.
The group from the Coalition of Muslim Defenders (Gabungan Pembela-Pembela Islam, or PEMBELA), submitted a memorandum demanding that the U.S. authorities take action against the people who produced film and distributed the video clip.
Filem hina Islam: Pembela, 15 NGO protes AS
The peaceful protest in front of the U.S. Embassy condemned the films of Prophet Muhammad SAW after Friday prayers. - Bernama photo
PEMBELA chairman Aminuddin Yahya, who led the group and who submitted the memorandum to representatives of the Embassy, said the group also demanded that the U.S. Goverment apologise to Muslims worldwide for allowing the film to produced in the country.
"Their heinous act has created outrage and anxiety for all peace-loving communities supporting the philosophy of peaceful coexistence," Aminuddin told reporters after submitting the memorandum.
He said PEMBELA was against any form of violent protest but would continue to hold gatherings if no action was taken by the U.S. Government over the film.
The group bearing flags representing some of the 15 NGOs represented in the coalition's protest, had earlier marched from the nearby Tabung Haji in Jalan Tun Razak to the Embassy after Friday prayers.
Cheras OCPD Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohan Singh said police gave the group five minutes to hand over their memorandum and then disperse.
The group dispersed peacefully.
A 14-minute video clip said to be the trailer of a movie which mocked and insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad was posted on Youtube in July, stirring anger among Muslims worldwide.
The video clip of the movie “Innocence of Muslims” sparked protests on Thursday against the American Embassies in Egypt and Yemen, and led to demonstrations in Iraq, Iran, Tunisia and Bangladesh.
An earlier attack on the American consulate in Libya on Tuesday, which killed the US Ambassador and three other foreign service workers, was at first thought to be linked to the protests, but investigators reportedly said that they now suspect it was an extremist plot.
A 55-year old man, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who is thought to have uploaded the Youtube clip using the pseudonym “Sam Bacile”, was on Thursday placed under police protection in Los Angeles following the protests.
The cast and crew depicted in the video clip have claimed that were “grossly misled” about the film's intent and purpose.
Both Umno and PAS have condemned the film. In a statement on Thursday, Umno Youth said the film was an “obvious wild provocation, insolent and had marred ties and tolerance between religions”.
Pas Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan on Thursday said his movement was disappointed and condemned the film, which had incited anger among Muslims. - theStarOnline

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