Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Man shows up at his own funeral

Gilberto Araujo: I'm not dead, pinch me!
Gilberto Araujo: I'm not dead, pinch me!
Family members and friends that were gathering to mourn the death of a Brazilian man fled, some even fainted when he suddenly appeared in front of the coffin.
They had gathered at the wake in the town of Alagoinhas in Bahia state after 41-year-old car washer Gilberto Araujo was said to have been murdered. But it was a case of mistaken identity. The dead man was, in fact, the similar-looking Genivaldo Santos Gama, who held the same job as him.
The whole thing started on Sunday when Sao Paulo police informed the family of Araujo's death. His brother Jose Marcos Araujo went to identify the body at the morgue and took the wrong remains to the mother's home, where the wake was held.
Araujo—who had not contacted his family for four months—was told of the bizarre incident by a friend, whom he bumped into on the streets several hours before the funeral. He tried to call an acquaintance to inform him that he was alive but the latter thought the call was a prank.
He rushed over to clear the confusion. "When I walked through the door, I saw my coffin and was a bit flabbergasted…," said Araujo. He continued: "I told them 'Guys, I'm not dead, I'm alive, pinch me!'" Some people fainted and others were so scared that they ran away upon seeing him.
Can you tell the difference between Araujo (left) and Gama?
Can you tell the difference between Araujo (left) and Gama?
"There's no way to tell the difference [between Araujo and Gama] because they're very similar. So I proceeded to confirm the body," said Jose.
Police inspector Roberto Lima also said that the confusion was 'understandable'. "The two men closely resembled each other and both worked as car washers," he said, adding that no further information on Gama was immediately available and his remains had been sent back to the mortuary.
Published: 29th October 2012

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