Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teen killed on eve of birthday

JOHOR BARU: A son, who was thankful that his father emerged relatively unhurt after an accident, went to retrieve his dad's motorcycle only to be killed when a vehicle rammed into him. It was a day before his 19th birthday.
Wong Feng Wei died at the scene after he was knocked down near the Permas Jaya bridge here yesterday.
About two hours earlier, his father Ling Kee, 47, had lost control of his motorcycle and grazed his elbow and knees.
“I called a couple of friends who rushed me to the emergency ward at the Hospital Sultan Ismail.
“My wife asked Feng Wei to retrieve my motorcycle which was lying by the road,” he said.
Ling Kee said he was not sure what exactly happened but passers-by told him that a car had rammed into Feng Wei, a furniture shop attendant, before speeding away.
“I had just come out from the X-ray theatre when I got the call about my son's death. I still cannot get over it,” he said.
Ling Kee said Feng Wei had planned to take the whole family out for a movie to celebrate what would have been his 19th birthday today.
“Police told us they have arrested a woman, who is suspected to be behind the wheel of the car that rammed into my son,” he said.
Feng Wei's family was grief-stricken at the Tiong Hua Association, where the body is being kept.
His 17-year-old girlfriend, only known as Elaine, could barely hold back her tears as she described Feng Wei.
“He was such a talkative, happy-go-lucky person,” she said, adding that she was staying in Kuala Lumpur and had rushed over after hearing what had happened.
Elaine said the two had been seeing each other for about two years now and were planning to get married soon.
“We wanted to get registered at the end of this year,” she said while holding tightly to Feng Wei's favourite VCDs and other items for the tomorrow's funeral. - theStarOnline

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