Saturday, December 22, 2012

Alyah branded 'greedy' by dumped fashion designers

Two designers have labelled singer Alyah a fashion nightmare.
Two designers have labelled singer Alyah a fashion nightmare.

The relationship between singer Alyah and fashion designers Hatta Dolmat and Rizman Ruzaine has torn apart at the seams, all over a rack of clothes that she commissioned for an awards ceremony but unceremoniously dumped before the show.
The quarrel began when the designers took to Twitter and ripped into Alyah for not wearing the gowns they made for her appearance at the regional Anugerah Planet Muzik show in Singapore last week.
According to reports, Alyah asked Hatta and Rizman, as well as designer Amir Luqman, to sew her some outfits for the event. But she went with one of her own dresses for the red carpet, and later performed on stage her hit Kisah Hati—which won the Best Song award—in one of Amir's pieces.
Annoyed by Hatta and Rizman's tweets, Alyah told reporters she had good excuses for refusing their gowns, blaming "problems with the zipper and other things" for her decision.
"I hadn't even explained my reasons of not wearing their clothes and they're already bombarding me on Twitter,” said Alyah, 31, to mStar Online.
"I feel insulted. I'm not one who runs away from a problem, but I don't want to make a big deal of this. Hatta and Rizman have helped me a lot with clothes before, so I don't want to make this worse."
However, she added, "If they say I'm greedy because I sought another fashion designer for one event, well, whoever has worked with me before knows that I change outfits three times for an awards show."
Rizman and Hatta don't want Alyah's business any more.
Rizman and Hatta don't want Alyah's business any more.
The Johor-born entertainer says no way is she apologising to the designers because she feels "insulted and disrespected" by their outrage. "My dignity has been stepped on," she fumed. "They disrespected me with words that aren't very nice. Why should I say sorry when they have insulted me?"
Rizman, who has dressed Siti Nurhaliza, Erra Fazira and Ziana Zain, says he could care less. He's fed up with Alyah and refuses now to work with her again. He also describes her as "unprofessional", claiming that this isn't the first time she's pulled something like this.
"Three things prove she's a non-professional," he shot back. "She never discussed what she wanted to wear. She just sent pictures as samples of what she wanted. Then when the clothes were done, she never tried them on. And after they were shipped to Singapore, they ended up not being used at all."
"I tried contacting her lots of times," he added, "but she never picked up and we could only carry out discussions through her personal assistant. The clothes aren't cheap. They costs thousands and we sponsored her to promote our label. This is enough! This is my last time working with her!"
Meanwhile, Hatta fired one more salvo at Alyah on Twitter, describing her as "one who doesn't appreciate the hard work fashion designers put into producing clothes for her", for not wearing the clothes, and then refusing to apologise.
Source: mStar Online
Published: 20th December 2012

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