Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fazurina’s family had no idea of wedding

<b>Kept under wraps:</b> Fazurina got married without her family's consent.Kept under wraps: Fazurina got married without her family's consent.
FAZURINA has gotten married without her family's knowledge.
Harian Metro reported that the actress, whose full name is Siti Fazurina Famir, 30, tied the knot with a man whom she had been in a relationship with for the past two years in a ceremony at Masjid Jamek, Sungai Pinang, in Penang two days ago.
A source told the daily the wedding was not even known to Fazurina's mother.
Her uncle, the only family member at the ceremony, was told to keep the matter a secret but had informed other family members a day before the wedding.
They then tried to reach Fazurina but there was no response.
The actress of Dunia Anita and Trilogi Cinta 2 had been engaged before the relationship was severed in 2010. - theStarOnline

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