Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lahad Datu: Soldier, three gunmen killed in Ops Daulat gunfight

Body of Private Mohd Hurairah Ismail, the soldier who was killed in action in Sungai Nyamuk, Lahad Datu, this morning will be brought to his kampung in Bayu Lalang, Pasir Mas, Kelantan - Defence Minister

Allahyarham Private Mohd Hurairah Ismail
LAHAD DATU: A soldier and three gunmen were killed in gunfights at Sungai Nyamuk near Kampung Tanjung Batu on Tuesday.
The soldier is the first casualty for the armed forces since the operation to flush out the Sulu gunmen who landed in Kampung Tanduo on Feb 12.
Eight police officers were killed in previous skirmishes with the gunmen. Armed Forces chief Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin said the joint military and police forces were conducting mopping and searching operation at 7.45am on Tuesday.
"They had a gun fight with five armed men who then retreated," he told a press conference about 15km from where the shootings occurred.
Jen Zulkifeli said security forces tracked down the group and engaged in another gun fight at 10.45am.
"In the exchange of fire a soldier and three terrorists were killed," he said.
In SEMPORNA, a man high on the police wanted list was among six people detained Tuesday on suspicion of having links to the Sulu terrorists from the southern Philippines, during an operation at Kampung Bangau-Bangau here.
Semporna police chief DSP Mohd Firdaus Francis Abdullah said VAT 69 commandos and General Operations Force (GOF) personnel raided a house in the village where the suspects were said to have been hiding.
"We conducted a raid at 6am after receiving a tip-off. We will question them to find out whether they are terrorists," he said, adding that no firearms or telecommunications equipment was found in the raid.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lahad Datu: House-to-house mopping up operations ongoing, says IGP

Army leaving the Felda Sahabat on mopping up operations at Tanduo village.
Army leaving the Felda Sahabat on mopping up operations at Tanduo village.
LAHAD DATU: Malaysian troops are scouring a 4sq km area at Kampung Tanduo, some 130kms from here, following an offensive against Sulu ''terrorists'' that began with air strikes at 7am.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Omar Ismail said Tuesday that despite receiving heavy fire from the 100 or so Sulu gunmen, there were no casualties among Malaysian troops comprising VAT 69 commandos and General Operations Force from the police and soldiers.

"Our personnel are carrying out mopping up operations and conducting house-to-house checks. We cannot ascertain casualties among the enemy's side for now," he told a media conference at the Felda Sahabat residence some four hours after the offensive began.

Ismail said there were also no civilian casualty.He said Malaysian security forces were left with no choice but to defend the nation's sovereignty and preserve its security by launching the offensive.

"They were determined not to surrender despite our best efforts including negotiations and even carpeting the area with thousands of leaflets urging them to lay down their arms," Ismail said.

Armed Forces Chief Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin said enemy positions were bombed to ensure the safety of Malaysian security forces. - theStarOnline

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Mum kills son: He'd have a bleak life with a small penis

A woman in Indonesia has confessed to killing her nine-year-old son because she believed his life would suck because of the size of his penis.
The mother, Retno Purwati, told Jakarta police that her boy, Vicky Rizka Suparmin, had a tiny penis before his circumcision, but that his genitals appeared to shrink even more after the operation in December.
Convinced that his little manhood would affect his prospects as a man, 38-year-old Retno took him to the bathroom at their home in East Jakarta, tied his hands to his back and pushed his head into the bathtub until he drowned.
According to police spokesman Sr Comr Rikwanto, Retno then dressed her son up, laid him on the bed and went to a local police office to report the murder and turn herself in for the crime.
"She said she killed him because he would have a bleak future with a small penis," said Rikwanto, adding that police has ordered Retno—who has a 13-year-old daughter with her husband, 42—to undergo psychiatric evaluation.
Published: 4th March 2013

Earth opens up, swallows man underground in his sleep

A giant sinkhole opened under Jeff Bush's bed, sucking him underground as he slept.
A giant sinkhole opened under Jeff Bush's bed, sucking him underground as he slept.
A wrecking crew has partly razed a Florida house where a sinkhole swallowed up a man as he slept on Thursday, but the demolition team said it went about its job as carefully as possible to preserve the home's contents for survivors.
Rescue workers had given up the search for Jeff Bush, a 37-year-old landscaper, on Saturday. He was officially declared "presumed dead" by county officials after disappearing into the hole, which suddenly opened up under his bedroom.
Five other people in the house, owned by the family of the girl engaged to Jeff's brother Jeremy, had been preparing for bed Thursday night when they heard a loud crash and Jeff screaming.
With a crowd of a few dozen family members and others watching, a boom crane clawed at the one-story home in suburban Tampa for about two hours, demolishing about half of it. The job was due to be completed on Monday.
Jeremy, who had jumped into the sinkhole in a futile attempt to save his brother, said the family was discussing plans for a memorial service and a possible marker at the site.
Asked how he was feeling, Jeremy, 36, told Reuters: "Just sad, sad that they couldn't get my brother out. He was a good guy. He would give you the shirt off his back."
Once the house is torn down, efforts will begin to stabilise the sinkhole, said Hillsborough County spokesman William Puz. The hole was about 9m wide and 18m deep and filled with clay and debris. Officials said it's unlikely that Jeff's body will ever be retrieved.
The crane's bucket first removed the garage eaves from the house and a US flag there, carrying it to the pavement. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue workers folded the flag and handed it to family members.
The crane then probed through the master bedroom and swept family memorabilia, boxes, luggage, dresser drawers, framed photos, a woman's purse and other items out of the house and placed them near the pavement.
Crane operator Dan Darnell had an "emotional meeting" with family members after the work was halted. Before the demolition started, Jeremy, a landscaper like his brother, was escorted to the entrance of the driveway where he knelt and put flowers on the ground, bowing his head for a few minutes.
Wanda Carter, 49, who grew up in the house, said she couldn't watch as it was being torn down. "We have each other and that's all that matters," she told reporters as she clutched a large family Bible, its cover torn off and bearing marks from the crane's bucket.
Sinkholes—a hole in the earth's surface caused by a geological phenomenon—are common in Florida due to the state's porous geological bedrock and they're virtually impossible to predict, according to the Florida Department Of Environmental Protection.
As acidic rainwater filters into the ground, it dissolves the rock, causing erosion that can lead to underground caverns which collapse causing sinkholes.
Two nearby houses have been evacuated because the sinkhole has weakened the ground underneath them, and their residents probably will never be allowed inside again, said Jessica Damico of Hillsborough County Fire Rescue. They were allowed 20 to 30 minutes in their homes to gather belongings.
Source: Reuters
Published: 5th March 2013

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