Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mum kills son: He'd have a bleak life with a small penis

A woman in Indonesia has confessed to killing her nine-year-old son because she believed his life would suck because of the size of his penis.
The mother, Retno Purwati, told Jakarta police that her boy, Vicky Rizka Suparmin, had a tiny penis before his circumcision, but that his genitals appeared to shrink even more after the operation in December.
Convinced that his little manhood would affect his prospects as a man, 38-year-old Retno took him to the bathroom at their home in East Jakarta, tied his hands to his back and pushed his head into the bathtub until he drowned.
According to police spokesman Sr Comr Rikwanto, Retno then dressed her son up, laid him on the bed and went to a local police office to report the murder and turn herself in for the crime.
"She said she killed him because he would have a bleak future with a small penis," said Rikwanto, adding that police has ordered Retno—who has a 13-year-old daughter with her husband, 42—to undergo psychiatric evaluation.
Published: 4th March 2013

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