Monday, June 10, 2013

Romania Puts Girls In Skirts On Bikes To 'Empower' Them

Gentlemen, you'll want to support and encourage this movement for Malaysia. More than 1,500 Romanian women in colourful skirts and high heels cycled through the country's main cities last week to promote urban biking as a "stylish and fun" way of transport.

The event, called Skirt Bike, "aims to celebrate the independence and empowerment that cycling can provide to all women and to encourage those who do not already cycle to do so", organisers said.

"We want to show that it is possible for women to be elegant on a bike in order to promote cycling as a normal way of transport" to work, school or shopping, said Oana Deliu.

In Bucharest, hundreds of women defied pouring rain and cycled for several kilometres, wearing colourful skirts and dresses under transparent raincoats or holding an umbrella in one hand. Unlike in Amsterdam or Copenhagen, where biking is an established tradition, urban cycling is a new trend in Romania.
"This event is very important because it shows people that more and more women are biking and it could be an example" for others, said 29-year-old Cristina Dumitru, who cycles every day to work. "If more and more people would use bikes in Bucharest, the city would be cleaner."

"Biking is a way to be different in a big city. You can customise your bike like you want and it is environment friendly," said Laura Balan, another participant.

Deliu has created an advocacy blog that promotes urban cycling for women and calls for better biking infrastructure in Bucharest. Hundreds of women took part in the event in 11 other cities across the country, including western Timisoara, central Sibiu, northeastern Iasi and northwestern Cluj.
Source: AFP
Published: 10th June 2013

'Toi-Latte' Made With Toilet Water: New From Starbucks

A Starbucks cafe in Hong Kong's posh financial district, which used water from a s--thouse tap to brew coffee, has prompted a torrent of angry reactions from customers.

The coffee shop, in the famous Bank Of China Tower, has been using the water from a tap in a public toilet to make beverages since its opening in October 2011.

Images from local newspaper Apple Daily showed the tap with a sign that said "Starbucks only" a few feet away from a urinal in the dingy latrine, which the paper said was in the building's car park.

"Totally disappointed! The initial decision by Starbucks to use water from toilet is a clear sign of your company's vision and the level of (dis)respect your company has for the health and mind of your customers," Kevin L wrote on the Starbucks Hong Kong Facebook wall.

"I'm now really worried when I purchase coffee from Starbucks. Who knows which other stores are using the similar practice! Scary!!"

Cristiane Guimaraes commented on her Facebook wall, "I stick to my McCafe (from McDonald's) and the water is not from a toilet!"
The water was collected less than five times a day by staff from a tap in a lavatory located near the store, Starbucks explained, adding that it was dedicated for collecting drinking water.

"There is no direct water supply to that particular store, that's why we need to obtain the drinking water from the nearest source in the building," said Starbucks spokeswoman Wendy Pang.

The water from the toilet tap would go through a filtration system in the store ensuring it passed local and World Health Organisation standards, she added.

"The issue that is more worrying is... the potential risk of transferring pathogens from the restroom environment into the Starbucks food preparation area," said Hong Kong University School Of Public Health associate professor Benjamin Cowling. 

"I wouldn't go to the restaurant in the first place if I knew they were having potentially risky hygiene practices."

The outlet is now using distilled water. So, order away.
Source: AFP
Published: 10th June 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Two, who allegedly insulted the Prophet on Facebook, identified

KEMAMAN: The Communication and Multimedia Ministry has identified the two individuals who allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad through Facebook on Friday.

Its minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek said Sunday they were registered as 'Calvin Gani' and 'Rakyat Anarki' in their respective Facebook accounts.

He said the cases had been submitted to the police for further investigation and action.

He stressed that the ministry viewed Internet abuse seriously, particularly the spread of defamation and sedition that could potentially arouse antagonism and uneasiness among the communities in the country.

"I wish to remind Internet users in the country that they will not escape the law even though their actions or statements in social websites such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs may have been made on a personal basis," he told reporters after a community function at Felda Neram Satu here.

When asked whether Malaysia would ban social websites such as Facebook, Ahmad Shabery said there was no necessity to do so, as the medium could be used positively for various benefits such as access to speedy information, business networks and to strengthen inter-racial harmony.

"But I would not dismiss the possibility of the government having to seek the views of the people on whether it should, if the incidences of negative usage is so prevalent leading to anger and tension among the people," he said. - Bernama

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